Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today I'm Pocket's last blogger on Border's fabulous True Romance site. How sad to see it go. Stop over and visit and show the site a little fond farewell love at:

It's been so sad over the years watching the decline and disappearance of book stores, first from the malls and now from our cities. I can't imagine a new generation not experiencing the initmate relationship of readers to paper books, the thrill of scanning shelf after shelf, the tactile joy of those glossy covers and the tease of the first page. I love my Kindle app on my IPad, but it will never replace the experience of holding a book. Borders will leave a huge hole in the reading world.

For those who've asked, I'm re-posting the Contest 'rules' on that page, so give them a read. Then play to win (and for fun) with today's questions regarding CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT for a daily giveaway AND a chance to win a Kindle by answering the questions for all four books.

Yesterday's daily winner is Na S.!!!

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