Monday, August 22, 2011

Launching a New Sales Direction!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Tell-Tale Publishing has brought me on-board as their launch author for two new and very different ventures (for both them AND me!).


 In late September/early October I'm entering the non-fiction arena in the debut of Tell-Tale's non-fiction affiliate, Wise Words Publishing with a unique and dear-to-my-heart project on promotion and social media. Putting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers will be digitally released in 18 monthly chapters ranging from author branding and setting your promotional (time and money) budget to getting reviewed and how to effectively use swag and giveaways. Then, the chapters will be compiled into a hard cover volume. You can pick the ones that interest you or invest in the whole package. Look Mom, I'm doing something with my college education!

In December, I'll be launching Tell-Tale's
Deja Vu line with the reissuing of several of my backlist titles. More on that later...

I've enjoyed the hands-on benefits of working with a small press in the past, and look forward to the TLC I'll be receiving from Tell-Tale and Wise Words editors and my former cover artist and line edit geniuses now under the Tell-Tale umbrella.

What promo or social media issues would you like to learn more about? And which books in my backlist would you like to see back on the market?

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  1. Wow, Nancy, good for you! Who better to launch a new non-fiction line than you? I'll be reading because social media will someday be my life and I have lots to learn. And congrats on the backlisted titles. What a great way for readers to fall in love with your books all over again.
    Happy for you!