Monday, August 1, 2011

Putting the “ME” in All About Me Monday

While we wait for the announcement of the Kindle winner which will be posted tomorrow, I’d like to share something profound that I discovered this weekend: Sometimes we get so busy making a living, we forget to just LIVE!

After a whirlwind Release Week for BOUND BY MOONLIGHT filled with blog tours, contests, Face Book posts and general angsting, after a frustration filled month of updating our computer operation system at the day job, trying to wrap up revisions on one book when the page proofs for the next arrive, my brain was like that little release valve on the top of a pressure cooker, jiggling and spouting steam frantically. Sometimes you just have to get off the fire so things can cool down before they blow.

My pressure release came in the guise of an escape to the lake, Michigan that is, in an unplanned day in the small artsy town of Saugatuck. No schedule to keep, no phone to answer or keyboard to attend. With my d-i-l playing Thelma to my Louise, we hit the road and didn’t stop until we hit water. Not even the parking issue (surprise, the Venetian Festival was going on with a huge art fair!) could dampen out enthusiasm. It was a day of no stress, no problems. Warm sun, clear skies, sparkling water, pleasantly crowded sidewalks, and all those great little stores just calling to me: Buy Bling Here! Highlights: Bling and kinetic art at Fancy Nancy’s (gotta love the name! Mary, you should have bought that pig!) at our first stop in Douglas, Sweet potato fries at The Butler, inhaling in the Spice Merchant, tasting at the Olive Mill, the cooling mist sprayers in one of the outdoor art alleyways, Ooooh shiny in Bright World, more bling (I can’t help myself!) at Cindy’s, a lemon lime sherbet cone on the sidewalk, and surprise, it’s almost 6:00!

Packages on the back seat, bottled water in hand, smiling with weary enjoyment, it’s time to head back to a real world that doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming any more.

Sometimes you’ve got to stop and try on silly glasses!

Remember to take time for ME time.

The winner for Friday’s daily drawing is Pat East!


  1. Great post Nancy! I have not visited Saugatuck-it sounds wonderful. Maybe we'll take a day trip and check it out. I'm glad you took some 'me' time, you deserve it! Nice pics too :) Love your glasses.

  2. Nancy, knowing how hard you've been working on writing and promo for the Moonlight series, I'm so glad you remembered to take time for YOU! Saugatuck/Douglas is a wonderful area for shopping and relaxing. Loved the photos...and glasses.
    ~~~~Loralee - anonymous here, too. Google doesn't like me :(

  3. Thelma here, just stopping by to say how wonderful it was that Louise and I were able to get away and find our "artsy"-selves at least one day out of the summer! Great Post!