Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Day to Tour the Haunted Open House!

What a week! I never imaged when I opened the doors on Monday that almost 1,000 visitors would pass through in four days! Now, I’m thinking if I’d charged admission, I could have taken the week off work!

Today is the last day to get in on the fun. The highlight will be judging for the costume contest. We’ve got Lucky 13 contestants strutting their stuff. View the costume parade and post your winner in the comment section.

Winners from our Party Chatter giveaways this week are:

Rhianna (Monday, October 24, 2011)
Kathi H (Tuesday, October 25, 2011)
Meg (Wednesday, October 26, 2011)
Anya (Thursday, October 27, 2011)

Winners, please e-mail with your addresses. Thanks to everyone who participated for being such great sports. You can party with me any time. I’ve got two new games for you in the Party Chatter Room along with my own personal Halloween scary favorites. Enjoy!

So, take one last stroll through the house. Write down your favorite recipes. Visit every nook and cranny to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Play games, vote for your favorite costume and have a safe and FUN Halloween!

A big thank you to all who helped make this Open House a fabulous event!

Today, join me and Dark Faerie Tales/All Things Urban Fantasy with a new retelling of a Spooky Legend! I’ve incorporated The Reflection urban legend into my By Moonlight world. Stop by for a bit of scary extra content as my characters bring this terrifying tale to life.

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