Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Choose . . . Wisely!

I came home from work to find three fat envelopes from Kensington had come in the mail. Woo Hoo! I got my rights back to my Dana Ransom backlist! (Still waiting on the Lauren Giddings and Nancy Gideon titles . . .)

For those who may not be old enough remember, I got my start as a published author writing historical romance, specializing in fast-paced, gritty Westerns that earned me a “Career Achievement in Historical Adventure” award from Romantic Times Magazine. (Follow the link on the Historicals page for a peek at my Romances With a Past). These are books that have been out of print for a more than a decade containing two series (Dakota and Texas/Bass family) that have readers still writing, wanting MORE!

So, now that I have the rights, what do I DO with them?

Choices . . .

Authors have never had as many choices as they do now. In years past, writers weren’t that diligent about getting their rights back (or in protecting them) because there weren’t many options available for books that had already had a shelf life. Now . . . the sky’s the limit.

Do I self-publish? Do I re-package? Do I re-tailor ‘80s prose to fit a 2012 readership? Do I go through my agent or sell them on my own (the way I did the first six originally)? Do I check out small presses, e-publishers, foreign markets?

Before I pick any one or combination listed above, the first thing I’ll do is my homework. This is why I belong to fabulous and informative organizations like RWA and Novelists Inc. This is why I’m on loops populated by peers who have already considered said choices. Because putting up a back list is more than putting it out there. There are other things to consider. Contractual things with my current publisher. Time constraints with my current deadline and 9-to-5. Educational retraining that comes with looking outside the Big Six market. So that like Indiana Jones, when the time comes . . . I’ll choose wisely.

Be watching for the return of the Dana Ransom historical (and possible original continuations) . . .

I’m also talking about choices and accountability on my Weighty Issues blog. Click here to sink your teeth in.


  1. When I wrote my comment on your other blog post (Weighty Issues) referencing Indiana Jones, I hadn't seen this one. I swear. LOL

    Congrats on getting your rights back. It will be great to see your older books back in print.

  2. Exciting news, Nancy! So happy for you and the choices you have now.

  3. Hope those stories now a chance to be enjoyed again.

    All the best, Annette

  4. I hope those voices never stop talking, Nancy! Great post! So happy for you and that we get to enjoy all those books all over again!