Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Salute to B-Movies!

I LOVE a good B-Movie! The over-the-top situations, the campy dialogue (sometimes not well synced), the excessive gore, the tongue-in-cheek drama, special effects that don’t always work, the thrill and quirky factor of an Indie film. Don’t hate them because they have big ambitions and tiny budgets! (some of those on my list had BIG budgets but still were B-list). Love them for the passion that went into making them. Enjoy them for the sheer cheese factor and guilty pleasure. And remember, some things that started out small, turned out HUGE (think “Halloween,” and Peter Jackson didn’t do too badly for himself!). Here’s my list of favorites:

1. The Evil Dead series. Gotta love Bruce Campbell. “Gimme some sugar, baby!”

2. Day of the Trifids. Scared me witless with its B&W hysteria when I was a kid.

3. Them! See above.

4. Godzilla . . . and all his godawful pals.

5. Early Peter Jackson that was perfected with The Frighteners

6. Tremors. “Stampede!” Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward buddy movie

7. Dead Rising. (noise in elevator) “What was that?” “Girl from Ipanema?”

8. Lake Placid. Best. Betty. White. Ever!

9. Anything with Vincent Price! Or Christopher Lee. Or Peter Cushing.

10. Anything with pals DJ Perry and Lynn Drzick (who’ll be taking that next rung soon!)

Fess up. You know you love them! What are your favorite B-movie guilty pleasures?

Join me in a visit with Lynn Drzick and DJ Perry for Party Chatter as we talk horror movies, budget constraints not tied to this election year, scares, jeers and cheers with these writers/directors/actors/producers at my Haunted Open House. Giveaways included!!


  1. What a fun list. I love Christopher Lee no matter what he's in. Vincent Price runs a close second.

  2. Vincent Price I would watch again...but I don't watch many movies now.

  3. ... i don't think i know these authors ( or perhaps i know their look but no the name^^) i'm not really that fan of B movies ( but being internation i guess my choice is also a lot less imposant than the one you have access too)

    sometimes i find one on tv and i watch it just to have some fun