Hot Paranormal Nights Blog Hop: The Heat is On!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hot Paranormal Nights Blog Hop: The Heat is On!

Turn it up. Let it sizzle.

One of the things I love about paranormal romances is that steamy tension that builds between the pages until they’re ready to catch fire. We’re celebrating the sparks from July 25 to 30 on this muy caliente blog hop. To fan the fire, I’ve included an excerpt and a chance to win a $10 gift card from Amazon. Don’t forget to keep those temperatures elevated by following along the links to see how other PN authors add in the spice.

Enjoy the heat as it just begins to kindle in this sneak peek from PRINCE OF SHADOWS, the latest book in my “By Moonlight” dark paranormal shape-shifter series.

She’d had every intention of going through with it.

When she’d seen Cale coming down that hall, pumped with victory, drenched in the fate of those who’d hurt her, Kendra’s heart had staggered. All she could think was Don’t let this moment pass. The solid feel of him, the always devastating effect of his kisses, and she was ready to cast everything aside to have him. Nothing else mattered. He was her first love, her prince. He would be her first lover. And maybe her only.

She’d been sure that initial wave of passion could wash away the anxious shivers. That once they made love, all her fear would be vanquished. Just his scent created unbearable arousal as instinct began to prowl.

But they hadn’t gotten that far.

I thought you wanted this, wanted me.

What if he didn’t come back to her?

What if, after a night of celebrating his victory with those females who’d had their hands all over him, Cale withdrew his protection the way she’d withdrawn her agreeability? She had no hold on him. Nothing to bind him to his promises. If he rejected her, she’d be fair and tasty game for his brothers. Her shivering returned.

Only one brief act stood in her way. Once they got past that, she’d be safe. And tied to Cale and his life here forever. Part of her rebelled against that sacrifice while another whispered, “You know you want him. You’ve always wanted him.”

Confused and dispirited, Kendra crossed the darkened living room and entered the bedroom. Everything was neat and tidy. All signs of their having shared the bed were gone. She sat on its edge and studied that smooth, unrumpled surface, thinking of Cale’s drugging kisses, hearing the sound of harsh breathing, trying to separate fears of the past from current necessity and desires. What was she going to do?

Give him something.

Others Controlled Her Fate

A gentle female held hostage in a deadly play for power, Kendra Terriot’s only means of survival for herself and her family is to play to a careful courtship game. The one she chooses from her clan’s dangerous heirs will inherit the coveted crown, keeping her their prisoner forever . . . unless she can retain her virtue until rescue arrives.

The Past Destroyed His Dreams

Favored son of their brutal Shifter leader, the only calm in Cale Terriot’s violent world is a childhood love for his delicate distant cousin whom he’s pledged to make his queen. With Kendra at his side, he knows he can become the kind of ruler his clan needs, but first he must learn how to become the kind of mate she desires.

A Choice Would Determine Their Future

In a treacherous race for control, where weakness means death, Cale must prove he’s not the beast his beauty fears and still protect her, especially once her unrequited love returns to free her. The only way to win her respect could mean surrendering his throne. The only way to win her heart could mean letting her go . . . even if she no longer wants to be saved.

*Fans self* Whew, is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

To keep the summer nights as sweltering as you like them, enter my giveaway below and invest in some sultry preternatural adventures.


  1. Lovely excerpt, thanks for sharing,for participating in the hop and for a chance to win.

  2. This might be really random but for some I reason I just love your blog background! Great excerpt though, thanks for the giveaway too!

    1. Thanks, Ariel! The blog graphics were done for my website by critique partner/cover artist Patricia Lazarus (who did the covers for my ImaJinn Books vampire series!) and were adapted for the blog by my virtual assistant My Girl Friday of Rebel Yell. I have a good eye for what I like but the talent is all theirs!

  3. the books and great gifts i love to do hops

  4. Thanks for sharing...I totally love this site.. such an eerie sense.. and living in nyc this scene would of freaked me

    Here's to much continued success for you.

    vals_hemi at yahoo dot com

  5. Thanks for sharing the excerpt and the giveaway. I love your books and I always look forward to reading them. I am sorry, Me and Twitter do not get along. evamillien at gmail dot com

  6. Hi. Great excerpt. Looks like a great story. Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.