Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Release Day for LOVE’S OWN REWARD!

Today’s my birthday. Once we leave the excitement of childhood behind, a lot of us begin to take these yearly passages for granted. Anticipated milestones get farther and farther apart: Sweet 16, 18 and Out, 21 and Legal, 30 and old enough to know better, the Big 5-0, qualifying for the Senior Discount then full retirement, and the Golden Years. Having zipped by most of these landmarks (I’m not saying just HOW many!), I find numbers don’t matter to me unless they involve dress sizes and glucose levels. Age is a state of mind unless you’re a bottle of wine or stinky cheese.

But with books, just like babies, birthdays are a big deal. There’s usually that one main event, Release Day, that introduction to the world that comes around just once. That’s the way it’s always been during my 25+ year career . . . until now. Now, those pre-Millennium novels have the chance to be re-born, giving me the opportunity to proudly introduce them to the reading public all over again. 

Meet LOVE’S OWN REWARD . . . and Dana Ransom!

Many of you never met me in my previous author personas of Lauren Giddings, Dana Ransom and Rosalyn West. Dana and Lauren were my originals, appearing for the first time in the same month back in July, 1987 (!). Lauren only released two historical regencies but Dana was a busy girl, popping out historicals, particularly westerns, like Pilsbury during the ‘80s and ‘90s along with four contemporary romances for Zebra’s unfortunately short-lived “Lucky In Love” line. 

With BelleBooks/BellBridge Books reissuing my contemporaries this year, beginning with LOVE’S OWN REWARD on 5/27/14, these four books get to celebrate new birthdays with a new publisher, new covers and, for the first time, new e-editions! So join me in saying “Happy Birthday!” to LOVE’S OWN REWARD, one of the best presents this ole gal has ever gotten!

File Size: 451 KB
Print Length: 317 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Her act of courage destroys everything . . . 

Charlene “Charley” Carter risked her life to rescue a child from a burning car. Suddenly, the quiet research assistant becomes a media darling—and a half-million dollars richer, thanks to the boy’s grateful grandparents. But big money brings big moochers and bigger betrayals. Charley retreats, wounded and suspicious about the motives of even those dearest to her.

He doesn’t trust that she’s for real . . .

Jess McMasters exposes frauds for a living, and if it means using his charms as well as his tough skills as a journalist, no problem. What’s Charlene Carter trying to gain by refusing to be interviewed by the press? Is she angling for more money—or is she hiding secrets that prove she’s nobody’s hero?

Jess goes undercover to get close to her, but the closer he gets, the less he understands. Except this: the cost for his deception could be his own heart.

Readers will find themselves mesmerized by these magical characters who symbolize hope and redemption. 4+ – Romantic Times


  1. What a lollapalooza birthday for you, Nancy/Dana! Celebrate large and enjoy each moment. Love's Own Reward popped up on my Kindle this morning. Now I'll celebrate with you.

  2. Congratulations Nancy! Happy Birthday! Glad to see the re-appearence of Dana Ransom- like running into an old friend. Yay!

  3. Happy Birthday Nancy! What a wonderful cover! Shows a new side to the book! All the best!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Nancy and to Love's Own Reward! Keep them coming, woman! Congratulations.

  5. Happy Release Day and Happy Birthday! Congrats on the re-releases!

  6. What a great way to celebrate your birthday! How wonderful that new readers will get to enjoy your older novels. Enjoy this birthday (yours and Love's Own Reward's).

  7. Happy birthday and release day - what a fantastic Tuesday for you!! Congrats, and this is going on my TBR. :)

  8. Happy Birthday, Nancy. I love that your early romances are now being re-issued. I've always loved your stories.

  9. Congrats - I shared and tweeted the news. Hope it does spectacularly well.

  10. Happy birthday and new release day. Hope it's been wonderful. I love the new cover.

  11. Happy birthday and many congratulations on the reissue of an awesome story. Love the cover!

  12. How fantastic that your stories can live on in all-new formats with shiny new covers! Congratulations, and happy birthday!

  13. Sorry I'm a day late wishing you a happy birthday, Nancy and what better way to celebrate than a great cover reveal and re-issue announcement. Good writing is never out-dated and I'm sure Love's Own Reward plus the rest of your previous works will bring as much enjoyment to this upcoming generation as it did in the past. Three cheers!!

  14. Finished it! Loved it! Just a timeless romance...very happy this series is getting re-released.

  15. Was that by accident or plan that the release hit your BD? Did Deb know? Oh, and Happy! Happy! Happy! every day!

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