Monday, March 2, 2015

The Nancy Horror Novelization Tour for IN THE WOODS!

You don’t need umbrellas or raincoats or funny props to follow this Horror show on the road (but I’d love to have you sing along!).

Buy The Book Tours has assembled 21 sites to host IN THE WOODS during this first week of March 2-7. I wrote the monster/knights-of-old/sorcery/serial killer/suspense novelization from an original horror screenplay by writer/director Lynn Drzick. Having just celebrated its 15-year anniversary as a little Indie film that wouldn’t die, we’ve breathed new life back into the book, now available on Kindle, to coincide with the Spring 2015 Blu-ray and Video-on-Demand versions of the film, complete with voice over commentaries by director Lynn Drzick, leading man DJ Perry and . . . me! Here’s a peek at IN THE WOODS . . .

Hundreds of years ago their battle began . . .

In an age of knights and sorcery, a good king must raise a monster to protect his people from the demon unleashed by a dark-hearted enemy determined to claim his kingdom. But once called forth upon blood-drenched fields, can such evil ever be truly laid to rest?

To a present day community held hostage by fear, a serial killer will soon be the least of its worries after two off-duty firefighters enter a forest and find a grave. What they dig up isn’t a victim or family pet. When they race from the woods, they bring a timeless hell with them . . .

Based upon the original horror screenplay IN THE WOODS by Lynn Drzick, now an independent motion picture.


And it came on, mowing down everything in its way in its eagerness to latch onto him with those gaping jaws.

Alex burst out into the clearing, falling hard over the tangle of his own feet. His outstretched hand furrowed into freshly turned earth as he found himself staring down into an empty grave. There, he saw the sack he’d torn open. The bones were gone. He knew where they were. They’d taken on meat and sinew and flesh and fur. And the all of it was right at the edge of the circle, a massive compilation of death and drool and crisped dog hair.

He was going to die. 

Be still my heart!

What’s a celebration without a prize? Visit each site for a chance to win an e-copy of IN THE WOODS and a $5 Amazon gift card.

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