Friday, May 8, 2015

It’s a Big Deal! FROM THIS DAY FORWARD just $1.99!

What a thrill to have my Dana Ransom contemporary FROM THIS DAY FORWARD selected by Amazon to be part of their Big Deal promotion in May! Enjoy this original romance for only $1.99 just in time for Mother’s Day!

Amazon Big Deal!

Can two broken hearts make a perfect match?

Widowed on her honeymoon, Robyn Lee pours all her unfulfilled dreams of a happily-ever-after into her wedding planner business, hiding her own heartbreak by making perfect memories for couples beginning the loving future she was denied. The last thing she needs is for the brother of her dream client--whose endorsement will guarantee Robyn's success--to rock the boat . . . and her regimented world. 

Through the lens of his camera, photojournalist Kyle Travers has witnessed all the ugliness life can offer. Still reeling from the death of his coworker in the field, he sees the frilly job of photographer at his sister's wedding as an annoyance--until he meets the steely organizer who protects her broken spirit almost as fiercely as he does his own--making him wonder if two fractured halves can make a stronger whole. 

Because spring turns thoughts (and deeds!) to romance, here’s a glimpse of Kyle and Robyn as that first big thaw begins to warm things up . . .
“How’s the coffee?” she asked, impatiently. The nonverbal suggestion was Drink up and hit the road. Contrarily, he took a small sip.

“It’s good. Strong and black, just the way I like it. Just the way I need it to get out of bed in the morning.”

He saw her get all edgy at that reference, as if struggling not to imagine him getting out of bed. Or in bed. And he smiled at her, looking smug and lazy and as inviting as rumpled sheets. And because he had her running scared, she blurted out the next sentence without forethought.

“Last night was a mistake.”

His expression didn’t alter as he studied hers. “I’ll say.” Then, just as she began to relax, he added, “Next time I’ll put the chain lock on.”

A shiver of desperate tension rose up through her. “There won’t be a next time, Kyle.”

Who was she trying to convince with that staunch claim? He didn’t believe it, not after the way her mouth had followed him down to the sofa cushions. She didn’t believe it, either, not when he could see the way her hands clutched at the wedding photo.

He could do one of two things. He could be a gentleman and back off to a cautious distance or he could plunge full steam ahead to rock her off her safe pedestal of grief.

He was a full steam ahead kind of guy.

“Why? I know you liked it and I know you like me. Admit it, Robyn. You’re crazy about me, and it’s driving you crazy.” 

“I am not!”

“Yes, you are.”

“I’m not! I find you the most insufferable, rudely arrogant man I’ve ever met!”

“And you love it, don’t you? Come on, Robyn, you do. Because I’m not predictable. Because you can’t write me off in a nice little column in your protocol book. Because I make your heart race and your palms sweat and your mouth water.”

“I think you’re describing symptoms of the flu. That’s what I was suffering from last night.”

He laughed with more confidence than he was feeling. “I don’t think I was making you sick to your stomach. I think you’re just scared to death of what would have happened if Judy hadn’t walked in.”

“You’re wrong!”

“Am I? I don’t think so. And I don’t think you think so either. And I can prove it to you.”

He took a quick step forward and he could see her sway, part of her wanting to yield, part of her wanting to run. He’d never seen so much panic in another’s eyes. It gave his conscience a nasty yank, but it didn’t stop him. He was, after all, no saint.

The moment his head dipped down, hers ducked too, causing his nose to collide with the top of her head. The sudden, swimming pain of it caused him to hesitate, but not to retreat. His grip on her tightened even as her palms were levering against his chest, pushing. But her fingers clung.

“Kyle, don’t.” There was so much anguish in her tone. A gentleman would have relented but she already knew he wasn’t a gentleman.

“Robyn, don’t be afraid,” he said into the soft spill of her hair. “Don’t be ashamed of what you’re feeling.”

“Kyle, please . . .”

“He’s gone, Robyn. You can’t bring him back. You can’t keep hanging on.”

“I don’t want to let go.” But at that moment, she did, releasing all the pent up emotions, all the festering grief. She leaned into the soft, faded fleece of his Pistons sweatshirt and sobbed like a baby with a broken heart. Instantly, his arms enfolded her, all thoughts of passion overwhelmed by those of care. Then it hit him, and hit him hard. 

When had he fallen in love with Robyn Lee?

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