Take Five . . . with author Victoria Craven!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Take Five . . . with author Victoria Craven!

I’m always especially excited when one of my critique group cadre has a new book out (This is me: SQUEEEE!). So I had to bring Victoria Craven back to “Take Five” with some questions and a look at her wonderful historical paranormal, POWERS OF THE HEART.

First, get a load of this cover! Wowza!

Kiera is a strong-willed woman with a warrior's heart. She is as good a fighter as any man. Fighting isn't her only skill. Her healing power keeps her and her companions on the run from her uncle, Murdock. With her power, he believes he can gain immortality, and he will do anything to get his hands on her power.

Her healing gift was a secret until she found a man fighting for his life. How could she let him die if she had the power to heal him?

Erik let few people into his personal life. He preferred to communicate with animals and could understand their thoughts and feelings as well as his own. The walls of his isolation were strong until he met the woman warrior who saved his life. But loving someone was dangerous and he feared she would eventually betray him. Betrayal was something he was familiar with, and he had no intention of letting her get too close.

Here’s my take on POWERS OF THE HEART:

“I LOVE Kiera, the kick @ss warrior in POWERS OF THE HEART! On the run from the dangerous secret her uncle wants to control, she equates emotion with weakness when it comes to would-be protector Erik, even if he’s the one man who understands what it’s like to be different. From medieval setting and unique paranormal elements to crisp fight scenes and tender romance, POWERS OF THE HEART is an awesome addition to Victoria Craven’s “Love Conquers All” series!” - Nancy Gideon

And now, a little Q&A with Victoria . . .

Q: Where did your interest in the paranormal come from?

A: Writing paranormal has always fascinated me. I love super heroes. I've always wanted to be one. Not the kind that has laser beams coming out of my eyes, although climbing a wall like Spiderman would be handy. You’d never have to wait for an elevator. I am empowered to give my heroes supernatural gifts that I believe add dimension to the story and in the end, it's those powers save the day.

Q: What do you find is the biggest obstacle to getting words on the page?

A: Making it believable. Even though my heroes have extraordinary talents, I have to remember not to bring it over the top.

Q: What’s your go-to for inspiration?

A: Reading other authors’ paranormal to see how their characters evolve. It helps me with developing insight into my characters. Then my imagination runs away with me like a freight train. Not always going in the right direction, but I can take that train back and get on the right track. ​

Q: What’s harder, first draft or revisions?

A: The first draft. Many times I have to ask myself "Where the hell is this story going?" Once I get that down, the revisions are easy. It's like adding paint and spackle to make a good product.

Q: What type of book would you like to write that you haven’t tried yet?

A: Writing a children's story. I want to get into my inner child, which isn't too difficult. It would be fun to get out of my comfort zone and write something completely different.

For more on Victoria, and her debut book IMMORTAL LOVE, click here! Happy Reading!!

About Victoria Craven

Victoria Craven discovered her love for story-telling in her sophomore year of high school. Those teenage adventures always had a romantic happy ending, and they still do today, whether she’s writing thrilling contemporary suspense or paranormal historical romance.

Having lived most of her life in Western Michigan, Victoria relocated to the suburbs of Chicago where she lives with her husband, who is the love of her life. She has three beautiful daughters, and two toddler grandsons who keep her busy.

Supported by her friends and family, she left a career as a media account executive to pursue a career doing what she’s passionate about, writing happy endings that she can share with others. Her first paranormal historical romance was recently purchased by Tell-Tale Publishing and will be released in 2012.

When Victoria isn’t writing or revising, she is playing with her grandsons or curled up with a good book and a vat of hot chocolate.


  1. Victoria, congrats on your new release. I love getting to know you better.

  2. You're right on the cover and wow.. .sounds thrilling! All the best!!

  3. So wonderful to see this book on the market! Going to get mine, today!

  4. Victoria, love the cover and love female characters who can hold their own in a fight. That she has super powers is even better. Wishing you the best.