Saturday, October 24, 2015

WeWriWa: Looking Back and then Ahead

Sometimes looking back reminds us of where we’re going. In the middle of all the hustle bustle of preparing for my new release to hit readers’ hands in all formats tomorrow (I could go on about that frenzy if you had a day or twelve!), I took a breath and remembered being in this same position last year. I survived that and will survive this, and will look back upon these manic, panicked weeks with fondness (well, maybe not FONDNESS!).

To celebrate that year past, here’s a snippet from REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT, the precursor to UNLEASHED BY SHADOWS:
Had she expected it to be easy having him here so close and yet so agonizingly far away? Bad enough watching him in that antiseptic clinic cell, a prisoner of his own panicked madness, raving, raging, out of control. Worse was having him here in the lush, sexy surroundings he’d built for them to share, temptingly near yet impossible to reach. 

A bargain made in heartbreak hell. 

Though she might be tortured by cherished memories, he was not. She was nothing to him but a protective port in his emotional storm. Knowledge driven home like a stake through the heart every time they were together, every time he stared at her through those cool green eyes without the slightest flicker of response, every time he took that distancing step back to evade the casual graze of her hand. Every time he lay next to her in the night and silence created a force field of discomfort.

Tripping over him every minute of the damned day only emphasized how much she wanted, needed him back.

And underlined how far away he was.

While looking ahead to hopefully making some green off my new release, I’m planning to thank readers for sticking with me by saving them some. During my week-long 5th Annual Haunted Open House, I’m reducing the price of both REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT and my Indie horror movie novelization IN THE WOODS to just $0.99! It’s an experiment. I’m new at this self-pubbed stuff. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

In the meantime, Happy Writing and Happy Halloween! Help me celebrate by visiting my house for some ghoulish fun, lots of steals and deals, more excerpts, author guests, giveaways and a peek at why I think I have a few more grey hairs (not that you’d EVER see them!).

And here’s a look at the treats . . .

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  1. I love the 'heartbreak hell' line.

    1. Why do they call it romance when everyone is always so miserable? I know, right.

  2. Heartbreak hell... Yup, that sounds about right.

  3. I have a release coming soon as well and I always get anxious. The cover is fantastic :)

  4. Gorgeously written and heartbreaking.

  5. Love how you described their emotional distance. Powerful and beautiful.

  6. Wonderful excerpt because I was immediately drawn in and wanted to know their story. Congrats on the release.

  7. Great line "Knowledge driven home like a stake through the heart every time they were together", really very emotional.

  8. Powerful excerpt, really makes me want to read on and see how this barrier is ultimately broken. Best wishes on the release!