Sunday, January 24, 2016

WeWriWa: Everything Old New Again

I’m giving my W-I-P a break this week to share the rebirth of one of my Touched by Midnight vampire romances as the series is being reissued with tweaks and new covers. MIDNIGHT GAMBLE is one of my favorites. Set in the Roaring Twenties against bootleggers and a sinister mystery, Day-walking vampire, Frederica LaVoy is out to prove herself as an enforcer in her father’s tribunal court by bringing the enigmatic Darcy Edwards to trial for sins against humanity. Things aren’t looking too good 
for her . . .

She was a failure, calling to her father to save her from a more powerful enemy. 

In that dark tunnel, she’d crouched like a frightened animal as the sounds of trickling stones grew closer, her stalkers so sure of themselves, they hadn’t bothered to quiet their steps. She saw them, not their physical shapes, but the hungry red gleam of their eyes cutting fiery holes in the darkness. 

And then a sound, at first, a rustle then a whoosh, like the gush of air from a door opening nearby. Her attackers paused, the pindots of red disappearing as they turned their heads to look behind them to see the shortness of their future in one brief instant. 

He’d arrived on a rescuing whirlwind, sweeping down into that dark hole to tear through those who would threaten her, casting their parts asunder so quickly there had been no screams, which somehow made it all the more awful. 

Then her father was there, the scent of blood and battle a harsh astringent as he took her into his arms, finding her in a weak and vulnerable state, barely able to stand, hardly able to confess her inadequacies where Eduard was concerned. 

She’d allowed her human half to interfere with her superior judgment. How could he ever trust her again? 

How could she ever trust herself?

Sometimes strength is discovered by accepting weakness . . . a lesson poor Rica is about to learn in this month’s new re-release from ImaJinn Books. It’s up for Kindle and should be available in all trade paperback and e-formats soon!

Against the uninhibited decadence of 1920’s New York where bootleg liquor flows until dawn to the sound of hot jazz and rolling dice, day-walking vampire, Frederica Lavoy stalks those of her kind to bring them to her father’s court for crimes against humankind. When a series of careless murders leads her to an exclusive club where patrons drink more than champagne from unsuspecting guests, Rica is drawn to its owner, the enigmatic Darcy Edwards.

Tricked into embracing the night during the time of Pharaohs, Eduard D’Arcy struggles to bring peace to those who are damned by what they must do to survive, yet has found none for himself . . . until he’s captivated by the unique and spirited Rica. But is it justice that waits, or vengeance, as an age-old enemy begins to manipulate both hunted and huntress? In this game of cat and mouse, the stakes are not just life and death, but the immortal soul.

Now, back to PRINCE OF HONOR. Things are about to get ugly.

See you next weekend. Happy writing!

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  1. This was a well-written piece. I haven't been into reading about Vampires since I was a teen, even though I write them. Weird? Bt you've rekindled that old flame with your snippet. You set the scene very well --- the mood, the atmosphere. I could clearly see where our MC was, what she was feeling, and the descriptions about the Vampires following her made me feel what they were feeling --- their confidence, strength, power. Your ability to string thoughts/emotion/descriptions into metaphors hooked me and made the snippet that much more powerful. I look forward to reading this book and more of your posts!

  2. Wow! Thanks, Sophia. Glad to bring you back to the dark side!

  3. You've painted a marvelously vivid picture. Love it!

    1. Words on paper make a wonderful canvas. Thanks, Christina.

  4. Wow, that was intense! I love how vivid the entire scene was. Nice work!

  5. Excellent build up of tension. Her fear was palpable. And then whoosh! Her father rescuing her really does create a dilemma. Good snippet, Nancy. Congrats on the re-release!

    1. I love to see things come back into style again - maybe not bellbottoms, though.

  6. Very interesting snippet, loved the details and her state of mind. While it's great her father rescued her, I can certainly see the difficult issues to come, which is intriguing. Terrific!

  7. Replies
    1. I'm always wondering about something! Thanks, Charmaine!

  8. I love this line: "the hungry red gleam of their eyes cutting fiery holes in the darkness."

  9. I've always admired how you set the scene and mood by a few choice words. Best wishes on this re-release as well as your WIP.