Sunday, January 10, 2016

WWW: Something Hot for a Cold Winter Morning . . .

Nothing like writing a steamy scene at 5:00 a.m. to get you revved and ready for your first day of work at the new job. Except it’s hard to tear yourself from the keyboard . . .

Time to get things heated up between the hero and heroine in my W-I-P, PRINCE OF HONOR:

Heat pounding off his body burned against the backs of her fingers as they bunched the bottom of his tee shirt, shucking it off him with a violent pull. Her palms prowled chest and shoulders, pausing for him to identify each unfamiliar scar. 

At his collarbone: “Cale’s lesson on how to use a blade.”

At the glorious swell of a bicep: “Lee. Bar fight he started and I had to finish.”

Probably because he was too drunk, though Turow would never say so. 

Across the hard ridge of his abdomen: “Sparring with Rico.”

Tongue dampening her lips, eyes glowing, obviously turned on by the catalog of combat, Sylvia let her fingertip follow a thin line across his left pec as she purred, “And this one?” 

“You. Where you broke my heart.”

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

If you want an early peek at Turow and Sylvia together, pick up a copy of UNLEASHED BY SHADOWS for a look at their tumultuous back story.

“Complex characters, vivid writing and intriguing plot twists keep readers coming back to Gideon’s magical NOLA.” –Publishers Weekly

He feared no man, no foe, no obstacle or challenge . . .

Burdened by the weight of his secrets and his father’s sins, the need for redemption pulls Cale Terriot from his duty to his clan and the arms of his new mate into deadly intrigues in a rival territory. His dangerous masquerade in a high-stakes Shifter fight club is about to be exposed to those who would show no mercy – if he can survive in the ring.

How to protect a prince turned king made pawn?

Fearing she’ll lose her soulmate to the darkness he carries inside, Kendra Terriot, newly made queen in the Shape-shifter House of Terriot, must provide him with an heir in order to save his life . . . and his soul. But first she must risk all to coax him back from the edge of violence inherited with his crown.

Can her love tear him from an unbreakable vow that can only end in death?

“Every delicious word Nancy Gideon puts on the page exhilarates with a sensuous ferocity. Hopelessly addicted.” —Darynda Jones, NY Times Bestselling Author

And if you’re dying to see where it all started, start with PRINCE OF SHADOWS.

The fourth original eBook in the steamy Shadows paranormal romance series features a woman forced to choose a mate, and a Shifter prince who may need to give up everything to win her.

Held hostage until she chooses a mate, Kendra Terriot must play a careful courtship game when choosing among the dangerous Shifter heirs. As a prince in the House of Terriot, Cale knows he can be the leader his clan needs with Kendra at his side, but first he must learn to become the kind of man she desires. In a treacherous race for the crown, where weakness means death, the only way to win her trust could mean surrendering his throne. But the only way to win her heart could mean letting her go…

It’s out into the cold and to my keyboard away from home. Happy Writing and enjoy the rest of the weekend, fellow Warriors!!

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  1. Great last line! I was not expecting that, and I suspect she wasn't either.

  2. Fabulous last line - gets you right in the heart :-)

    Also congrats and hope first day at the new job went wonderfully.

    1. Thanks, Victoria. That's where I was aiming. Loving the new job!

  3. Oh! I love that last line. Great snippet over all and I am left wishing I could keep reading. How will she respond to that?

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed that snippet! And I loved the last thing he said. Awwww.....

  5. Ugh. I totally sympathize with getting into a great writing streak first thing in the morning, only to be interrupted by the need to go to work. It's way worse if you were in the middle of something particularly exciting or steamy.

    Wonderfully intense scene here. That last line punched me right in the gut. Fantastic! :-)

    1. Story of my life! Worse is when that great piece of dialog comes to you in the car . . . and you can't remember it when you get to someplace to write it down. Arrrgh!

  6. Outstanding descriptive writing, Nancy. I loved this: "...obviously turned on by the catalog of combat,..." And that last line is perfect!

  7. Very hot, indeed! And the last line leaves me wanting more. :)

  8. What a tease you are, Nancy, to stop right there! Really a great excerpt. It must have been hard to rearrange your mind for the rest of the day!

    1. Especially into a legal frame of mind - not very sexy! Thanks, Marcia!

  9. What a beautiful and economical way to characterize him (he's a tough guy), provide backstory (we glimpse people and events from his past), and turn up the heat at the same time.

  10. Nancy, this is an outstanding humorous snippet well written and full of fun. I loved every word and the way you describe your characters. Thanks.

    1. Everything goes better with humor! Thanks, Charmaine.

  11. This is a great scene in so many ways. Sexy, emotional, and fun. I loved everything about it!