Wednesday, May 4, 2016

IWSG: Word Crimes

I’m on the last two chapters of my W-I-P and approaching the best and worst of times: rewrites and line edits. I love to play with words - twisting, turning, beating them into shape. I should have been a massage therapist! Going back through a book to enrich scenes is my favorite part of writing. It’s like being on the playground, free to explore and run and work off energy . . . until the playground monitor comes along to remind you of the rules. Rules? . . . There are no stinkin’ rules in having fun! But there they are - those bullies - forcing order into the free range chaos of imagination. Oxford commas, participles waiting to be undangled. Affect . . . effect. My brain hurts! I need to go back to grammar school . . .

Taking a step away from the approaching panic to breathe and shamelessly promote something less stressful – a SALE!

I always anticipate good things to come in May (birthday month, after all!) This one starts off with an AWESOME sale on the first two books in my Touched by Midnightvampire romance series! From May 1 to May 15, book 1: MIDNIGHT KISS will be available through all outlets for $0.99 and MIDNIGHT TEMPTATION, book 2, will be $1.99! This is better than getting two books for one and a fab opportunity to sink your teeth into the series and chew your way up to MIDNIGHT SHADOWS which will be out at the end of the month.

Back to work. This book isn’t going to write . . . or edit itself.

How’s your writing life going?

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  1. I ran into a glitch this week-end. When I write an historical, I tend to feel more need for plot timelines, calendars, and character notes, even when I am pantsing, but contemporaries seemed different. Turns out, not when murders are involved. I realized at about 38,000 words that my events were stumbling over each other. I went back, did the post-it thing, printed a calendar, got my full moons straight and found the tangled parts. Back to 'forward' writing, which was going well until now we head south for two days as our granddaughter is in a play.

    For the future, I bought myself a whiteboard and a lot more post-its to make sure I don't have the same problem with the next book. I have never outlined that much but these are different kinds of books from my norm.

    1. I feel your pain, Rain! I was 1/3 through what I thought was the 1st of 4 and discovered it had to be the 2nd due to plot arc. Arggh! Current WIP is book 1. Good news, book 2 is 1/3 closer to be finished already!!

  2. LOVE the Word Crimes Video, Nancy! Thanks for sharing. It sure tickled a chuckle out of me! :)

  3. This was great fun, Nancy! I'm glad I found your blog through my IWSG co-host visits today. I would have shared that catchy video with my elementary graders, but now I'm retired. Grammar sometimes makes my head ache since I spent a quarter-century with second and third graders! LOL That can really mess up your carefully acquired English writing skills! Good luck with finishing your W-I-P! Enjoy the process!

  4. Those 3rd graders probably have better skills than I do! Glad you found me!!

  5. Loved the video. Reminded me of Schoolhouse Rock. I cringe when I see glaring grammar mistakes. Have a great month. Best wishes on your re-release of Kiss and Temptation. Love those books. One thing I've always admired is your ability to set mood by your word choice. Wish I could be like you. :)

    1. Thanks, Di. Weren't you the one who said, "I don't read those kind of books, but . . ."?