WeWriWa: Up the Down Staircase . . .

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

WeWriWa: Up the Down Staircase . . .

Finally! The re-release of MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE, book 8 in my Touched by Midnight vampire romance series is available with its sultry new cover and irresistible air of spookiness and dark suspense, two things I adore in any genre. And then there's the inevitable link between vampires and lawyers . . . The inspiration was spawned on an escalator ride down to the Metro in Washington, DC that was so steep, midway, you couldn't see either the top or the bottom. Cue Twilight Zone theme! By the time I left the writers' conference I was attending, I had the entire book plotted around that one eerie moment (and the fact that our hotel looked like something out of Ghostbusters during a storm!).

The tug of war between the law and justice, success and culpability have the hero and heroine instantly at odds over choices that once made, can never be undone. Here's a stepping off point for my heroine in today's 8-10 sentence teaser:

"If you want justice, Miss Borden, what are you prepared to do to see it done?” 


“Anything within the limits of the law?” 

She returned his somber gaze with an unblinking intensity and amended, “Anything within the limits of my ability.” 

Where was the law when I attended two funerals in one week? 

As she sat in Marchand LaValois’s office, she purposefully turned her back on all the things that motivated her career, things like honor and duty and right and law that meant nothing now because they meant nothing to a man like Zanlos, and she couldn’t bring him down unless she played by his rules. That meant surrendering herself to darkness. 

She didn’t know this man LaValois any more than she knew his servant, Gabriel McGraw. But she knew people, and she knew this was a man she could trust. 

“What can I do for you?”

Can they escape the shadows of the past?

This time, he could lose his soul . . .

An invitation to join an exclusive D.C. law firm seems like a chance for Nick Flynn to leave his mistakes behind. But it's his shadowy past and unrealized inheritance that attracted his mysterious employers. Once embroiled in their dark schemes, his struggle for success becomes a battle for his salvation.

And she could lose her life . . .

Loner detective Rae Borden goes undercover as a call girl to discover the truth about her best friend's death. Her carefully laid plan of revenge and personal redemption becomes a crusade against an unbelievable evil . . . with Nick Flynn in the middle.

"Nancy Gideon is one of the best supernatural writers on the market today!"-- Midwest Book Review/BookWire

If I don't stop by for a visit or respond to comments, it's because I'm off at a Write-In retreat to knuckle down on PRINCE OF POWER, Colin's books in my House of Terriot Foursome. Two and a half days with nothing but my keyboard and meals being served . . . Nirvana! Will be thinking of all of you!

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  1. On your cover, the juxtaposition of an innocent white rose with implied sex in a DC alley is very effective.

  2. Sounds like she's traveling deep into the darkness now. Congrats on your new release and great cover!

  3. At least she has her eyes wide open about what she's going to do. Great snippet!

  4. Congrats on the re-release! I love her determination in the snippet and you're right– that cover is mega-hot!

  5. Sounds as though she really means business. She's playing by Zanlos rules now.

  6. Congratulations! And I'd never thought about the possible mix between vampires and law before. But I do love having fantastic beings mixing with modern life like that, it usually turns out very interesting.

    And that's awesome that you got the inspiration for it on a spooky escalator. ^_^ I love it when something like that sparks the perfect moment for a story.

    1. Thanks, Mason! Vampires. Lawyers. Both suck you dry! HaHa! I say that with the utmost respect since I've worked for lawyers for 16 years and they find it amusing as well. Inspiration is great wherever you find it.

  7. And another one that bytes! Yipee! I am so envious of the retreat, but you deserve it. You've barely taken a deep breath since you moved. Glad you had the time away. You guys look like you were having a great time and it's sure a lovely location!