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TAKE FIVE with Diane Burton and New Release NUMBERS NEVER LIE!

I'm always thrilled when one of my writer pals has a new release coming out, especially one I know I'll enjoy for its sassy humor, twists and turns (I adore suspense in any form and have read sneak peek excerpts, so I'm really geeked!). I'm tooting a horn today for Diane Burton with a five question interview and a look at her brand new romantic suspense, NUMBERS NEVER LIE as part of her blog hop (and that means a giveaway!) Welcome, Diane! 

Nancy, thanks so much for having me on your blog today. I’ve always valued our friendship. Over the years, you’ve helped me so much in my writing career, and you’ve been an example of never giving up when the going got rough.

1. What do you find the most satisfying point in your book's "journey" - Plotting, the writing process, editing (no one said EVER!), promotion, Release Day, reader responses, reviews or something else?

I love the beginning from when an idea pops in my head (usually as I’m dropping off to sleep) to writing the first scenes. It’s exciting to discover the characters and what they get into. I know the ending; after all, I write romances, but I don’t know how the characters will get to that happy-ever-after. Since my books always contain a mystery suspense, I don’t know at the beginning how it will be resolved. Around chapter eight, I have to stop and (sort of) plot, adding details on how to get to the end.

2. You publish in multi-genres (Yeah, you and lucky readers!). What do you find are the pluses and minuses - changing voice, research, reaching an audience or something else?

With my contemporary stories (cozy mysteries and romantic suspense), I use the local area for the settings or places I’ve visited. Research is easy. The mysteries are written in first person point of view. That means I can “be” that girl—young (yes, I do remember that time LOL) and a bit of a smart-ass. I have a lot of fun writing stories set in the future. In the sci-fi romances, I really get to use my imagination. I can make up cultures, religions, settings that are, literally, “out of this world.” Research is more difficult. As much as I’d like to, I can’t just pop over to the Outer Rim for an ale at a tavern or a taste of alien cuisine.

3. Do you have a favorite character from one of your books and if so, what makes them so special?

That’s like asking me to name my favorite child or grandchild. LOL Each female character is different, but they have many of the same qualities. Sassy, feisty, independent, and determined. Some of those qualities I’d like to have more of myself. The men range from stiff and austere, to easy-going wise-crackers, from Alphas to reformed Alphas, now Betas. Since I like a guy with a sense of humor, one who is honorable and dependable, that’s my hero.

4. I think of you as a PR guru - how do you manage the time and effort it takes and what avenues do you find are the most productive?

Wow, thanks. Time management is hard, even being retired from the day job. My creativity is best in the morning, so I use that time to write. Afternoons are better spent doing promotion. As far as what works promo-wise. I wish I knew. I enjoy writing blogs. Short and focused writing. That’s why I put together this blog tour. I tweet and belong to Triberr (a tweet multiplier). I’ve paid for advertising. I participate in local book events with personal contact with readers. I don’t know what works best. It’s sort of like throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it sticks.

5. And, of course, what's next?

I’m working on a science fiction romance, 4th in my Outer Rim series about strong women on the frontier of space. The Spy will be released in the Fall.

My newest release is Numbers Never Lie, a romantic suspense. Even since One Red Shoe, I wanted to write another romantic suspense. I started this story over fifteen years ago, but Life intruded. Our mothers needed more care, and my paying job drained me of energy. I set this story aside for longer than I expected. This winter, I rediscovered Maggie, her brother Jack, and their friend Drew and remembered how much I enjoyed their story. On Monday, the story released on Amazon.

A Romantic Suspense 
By Diane Burton 
Release Date: July 9, 2018 
Length: approx. 80,000 words 
Available at AMAZON
Free with Kindle Unlimited

A shocking secret brings danger to Jack Sinclair and his sister Maggie.

As kids, they were the fearless threesome. As adults, Jack's an accountant; Drew, a lawyer; Maggie, a teacher and camping troop leader. Upon returning from a weekend camping trip, Maggie receives horrifying news. She refuses to believe her brother Jack’s fatal car crash was an accident. If the police won’t investigate, she’ll do it herself. Convincing Drew Campbell to help is her only recourse.

Drew Campbell was too busy to return his best friend’s phone call. Too busy to attend a camping meeting important to his teen daughter. Too busy to stay in touch with Jack. Logic and reason indicate Jack’s accident was just that 
– an accident caused by fatigue and fog. Prodded by guilt, he’ll help Maggie even if he thinks she’s wrong.

A break-in at Jack’s condo convinces Maggie she’s right. Then her home is searched. What did Jack do that puts Maggie in danger?


Drew glanced at her blinking answering machine in the corner of the peninsula counter that divided the kitchen from the eating area. “You have a message.”

“I’ll get it later,” Maggie said over the running water as she rinsed the lettuce. Unlike her mother, she didn’t let the phone rule her life. No matter what she was doing, Mom always ran to catch the phone. As if afraid she would miss a call.

“What if it’s important?” He studied the machine again with its flashing red light.

“My friends would call my cell. And the only person I need to hear from is Jack. He knew I was going on the camping trip. If it was important, he would’ve called my cell. As I told you before, I check for messages on that phone while we’re on a trip—in case it’s one of the parents.”

“I’m surprised you still have a landline. Most people don’t.”

“My folks had it. I should disconnect it since I only get robo-calls.” She dried the lettuce then set it on the counter.

Drew prowled the kitchen, making her trips from the refrigerator to the sink worse than dodging an obstacle course. “I can’t get over Jack wanting to listen to a CD in the middle of a workday.”

While she washed and chopped veggies, she told him about Jack’s visit on Friday. “I couldn’t believe how tired he looked. He didn’t say much—you know Jack.”

Drew nodded. “Never complain, never explain.” Which pretty much described Drew, also. She thought it prudent not to make the comparison out loud.

“I guess he’s putting in a lot of hours making up for Ben being out.” She explained about Jack’s business partner’s motorcycle accident. “Jack’s doing an audit over in Muskegon. I gather it isn’t going well.”

“Muskegon? Seriously? I’m working with a client over there. In fact, I was there all day Friday.” Drew slanted his eyes at the answering machine. “I can’t believe you’re not curious enough to listen to your message. I’d never not check.”

He glared at her answering machine. “I can’t stand this.” He punched the Play button.

“You have a lot of nerve—”

“This message is for Maggie May Sinclair. Please call the Muskegon County Sheriff immediately.” A phone number followed.

Maggie stared at Drew. Her heart thudded in her chest. Alarm plummeted into her stomach like an icy weight.

“Jack?” Drew voiced her worst fear.

She grabbed the receiver and dialed the number. “This is Maggie Sinclair. I’m returning a call I received.”

“One moment,” the operator said. A minute later, a man answered. “Ms. Sinclair? I called about your brother, Jack Sinclair.”

Alarm shot through her veins. She heard bits and pieces through the roar in her ears. “Regret to inform you . . . accident . . . early yesterday morning—”

She slid down, the kitchen cupboard at her back. The phone clattered on the white vinyl floor.

Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction and romance into writing romantic fiction. Besides writing science fiction romance, she writes romantic suspense, and cozy mysteries. Diane and her husband live in West Michigan. They have two children and five grandchildren.

For more info and excerpts from her books, visit Diane’s Website!

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  1. What an intro! Thanks, Nancy. It's a pleasure being here.

    1. You're welcome, Di! Always happy to host you!

  2. Loved the excerpt, Diane. Can't wait to read the book. :)

  3. Great excerpt! Another winner, Diane!

  4. I, too, am amazed at Diane's ability to write AND promote so thoroughly! I've got Numbers Never Lie all downloaded and ready to read. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Patty. Promo is my least fav thing. But it's something every writer has to do.