Sunday, April 28, 2019

WeWriWa: Welcome to the Jungle – on SALE just $.99!!

I’m excited to feature two sales – two books from two different pen name personalities, one a couple-centric contemporary by Dana Ransom and the other, a Nancy Gideon paranormal that have one thing in common – a walk on the wild side. Danger comes in all forms when you’re out of your element, whether it’s an untamed wilderness or a jungle steaming with malevolence. My excerpt today is from MIDNIGHT SHADOWS, from my “Touched by Midnight” vampire romance series. 

“They found a tomb, Sheba, buried out in the jungle, maybe the tomb. I thought you’d want to know.”

Dizziness swam up to engulf her senses, sickness sloshing in her belly, roaring upward to sear her throat and nose with the acrid bite of remembered fear, making the world go momentarily black then green . . . then red.

“Sheba, are you still there?”

She bent over, tucking her head between her knees as nausea thundered in her ears and left her trembling. She tried to hang up the phone, missing the cradle once, twice, then just let the receiver fall to the worn rug as she dropped to her knees, swaying in the thrall of a shuddering sickness she couldn’t name.

No, that wasn’t quite true. She knew the name . . . Peru. Paulo called it home, but to Sheba it only meant one thing.


Does that make you want to book reservations and don a pith helmet? Not me! But our intrepid myth-busting ethnologist, Sheba Reynard is eager to conquer the fears that haunt her with the help of a government-hired monster hunter who knows the name of Sheba’s nightmare . . . Vampire. 

It may be a jungle out there, but are the North woods any safer? Not for Beth Marston who treks to the wilds of Michigan’s UP with her briefcase and designer heels for answers of her own – as to why the man of her dreams abandoned their marriage without explanation. Ready to do battle, she didn’t expect her opposition to take the form of a leaky tent, a surly dog, a moose and a wrong step that add up to unexpected danger and desire. 

Whether it’s a stormy backwoods in LIFETIME INVESTMENT or the deadly unknowns menacing MIDNIGHT SHADOWS . . . some things are worth the risk. What’s $.99 when you can hurry the heart rate from the comfort of your Kindle? 

I’m enjoying three days and nights lakeside at our annual Mid-Michigan RWA Retreat from Harsh Reality with hopefully not a storm or a vampire (well, maybe if he’s hot-blooded!) to hamper my productivity. Here’s wishing all my fellow Warriors a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. You wrote her reaction to the news very well! Great snippet!

  2. Terrific, Nancy. Enjoy every moment.

  3. Oh my, VERY dramatic and of course makes me want to keep reading about this tomb and...everything else! Great snippet...

  4. Sounds like a fabulous read! Putting it on my Kindle today!

  5. My word, that's a strong reaction. Downright . . . supernatural.

  6. A lot of intensity in this excerpt. This is a great vampire series in general.

  7. As always, your descriptions leave me breathless! Wonderful writing, Nancy!

  8. Your description of her reaction is phenomenal. What happened? I never read this one. Gotta get it now.

    1. Hope you had a great time at Retreat. Missing it and all you guys.