July 2019

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

WeWriWa: She’s Got the Look - MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE $.99 SALE!

Nick Flynn’s got it bad . . . he just doesn’t know HOW bad yet. He’s beginning to suspect the dream job that took him from disgrace in Louisiana to the high roller’s attorney table in D.C. is more nightmare than blessing with its mysterious agenda and forceful way of getting what they want. Now, he’s met HER and is about to realize everyone – including him – is hiding behind a mask of darkness.

The Noir women gave him the creeps, too perfect, too good to be true, too aggressively sexual and blatant in their appetites, hungry as wolves circling through plump fowl seeking whom they could devour . . . not him, thank you very much. These man-eaters were out of his league, and he didn’t mind admitting it.

Until he saw her, and surprise stopped him dead in his tracks.

He hadn’t thought her particularly glamorous at their first meeting, looking like a long night on the Red-Eye, but here, under the muted pseudo-candle glow of the Noir, she sparkled, a jewel reflecting flame. Despite the statuesque build, the eye-popping display of bosom, the legs that went on longer than most new television series, and the glam clothes, there was a hint of vulnerability in the pale shade she’d chosen to shape the refined line of her lips, a fragility to the porcelain fairness of her skin even as it smoothly wrapped nicely defined muscle . . . and there was a glint of the dangerous in those constantly moving emerald eyes.

Here was a woman he wanted to know.

She didn’t move as he approached nor did her gaze ever leave his, but locked solid as if in challenge. She did none of the usual body language things women did when he drew near—none of the subtle thrusting of the chest, sultry pouting or inviting flutter of thick lashes. She waited with a combative readiness—a Green Beret in a Givenchey gown.

Family secrets about to be unburied, scandalous doings where nothing – and no one – is what they seem to be . . . and vampires(!) up the stakes for our hero and heroine. Neither Nick or Rae are perfect people, but if they want to remain human, they’d better find a way to reveal what’s behind the masquerade of wealth and power.

There are two days left in the MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE $0.99 Sale! Grab up a copy and settle in for the night with a spine-tingling read.

I’ve got my grandguy visiting me for the better part of the week, so my goal is to catch up with what everyone’s doing before he gets here. The good news is my writing roll on my W.I.P. continues, and this coming Saturday, I’ve got another day-long write-in to attend so I’ll be putting my hands down like this . . .

Well . . . maybe not just like that.

Happy Writing and have a great weekend fellow Warriors!

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Sunday, July 07, 2019

WeWriWa: Evil Woman . . . MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE – $.99 SALE!

Ever since the Wicked Witch of the West had me hiding behind our living room sofa every time she appeared in a puff of smoke, I’ve had a healthy respect for evil women – those who do what they want for no one’s benefit but their own and heaven help anyone who gets in their way. What better villain for my currently ON SALE(!) vampire romance set in our country’s capitol. Bianca DuMaurier has been a wonderful returning nemesis in my “Touched by Midnight” series and returns to MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE with a fiendish flare. Here a taste . . .

The ninety-degree vista of windows overlooked a city alive with intrigue and opportunity, which was why Kaz loved it, for the same reasons he might have loved the woman silhouetted against the glass . . . if either of them had had a heart.

It used to bother him that she didn’t cast a reflection in the window, but he’d gotten over that and a lot of disturbing little details about her since they’d chanced to meet in his home of South Africa all those years ago, because details weren’t important when one concentrated on the end result, which was why he was so successful . . . and why Bianca Du Maurier let him live.

“Does he know who Rae Borden is, or rather what she is?”

Kaz had taken a true liking to his young protégé and his naked ambition, who under the proper tutelage, could have developed into a fine associate, but watching his unnatural partner pace like a wild thing before the windows, he knew that wasn’t in the cards for Nick Flynn. 

“There is no need for you to know my plans.”

At times like this, when she looked down her haughty nose as if he were something too inferior to understand, he truly despised her . . . enough to rid himself of the threat of her . . . if only he didn’t fear her power and lust for it with an equal abandon. 

Then her humor returned upon another dark chuckle as she purred, “The poor fool has no clue as to what’s going on around him or why, that none of us are what we seem to be, himself included. He’s in for a harsh education.”

The way she said it made Kaz very glad he had been quick to learn things could be much worse than partnering up with a demon.

Bianca turned toward him, allowing him to see what she really was behind the facade of exquisite beauty, her image flickering, faltering and then fading into a juxtaposed shape of pure evil without time or place or rules, an evil so horrendous, so ugly, he had to avert his eyes.

“He will cooperate, or he will be dead . . . or as good as.”
Burr! The icy undead Queen of Mean is back in town and looking for revenge upon the family of those who did her wrong.

Next week I’ll introduce the opposites attract main couple who are in Bianca crosshairs. 

Just got back from a fabulous five day, one woman (and occasional grandguy guest) hotel write-in to get back into my W.I.P. Got three chapters done and the momentum going again. How could I not in this lovely setting (with a pool, hot tub, exercise room and breakfast buffet!).

Many thanks to my sister for meeting me for dinner (eating one-handed with a broken clavicle!) one night and my D-i-L for indulging me at a great sushi place the next.

Happy Summer! And happy writing, Fellow Warriors!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8sunday posts.

Spread the word, share the love, warriors - Hashtag #8sunday.