Sunday, November 10, 2019

WeWriWa: Battle Scars . . . RISE BY MOONLIGHT

You can recognize your friends when they share the same scars you have. Kindred goals and the same dark pasts bind former enemies into allies of necessity. Enjoy this scene from my now perennial W.I.P. RISE BY MOONLIGHT

“Aren’t you afraid of being bitten by that dog you tease with questions of trust?” 

He smiled at her cynicism, admitting, “Maybe, but I like them, Charlotte, and I can’t say that about many people. I understand them, the things they want, the things they fear, the things they stand for and I know how it feels to suffer the kind of losses they have. I’d rather have wild dogs like them running loose on my property than those collared pets sniffing around my porch pretending to be tame while looking for a place to sink their teeth.” 

As her hand covered his, they watched the five Terriots cross the porch outside the wide vista of windows. Though the morning was damp and cold, they stripped off shirts, shoes and socks to stretch and limber up. 

Cee Cee jumped as Max’s elbow caught her in the ribs. 

“You might want to suck up that drool.” 

She provided a naughty smile. “I was admiring their impressive . . . scars.”

I can’t believe it’s been over a YEAR since I began this last adventure in my “By Moonlight” dark shapeshifter series! Finally, there’s a light at the end of the series. One-by-one my plot lines are wrapping up as my last few chapters tie those threads together. If I was seriously doing NaNo, I’d be done by the time I leave for my New Orleans vacay in two weeks, but life (and a bad car battery) conspired against me. Still, there’s a chance that I may be doing first round edits of a completed draft while overlooking the NOLA in the city that birthed these books. 

Okay, back to Chapter 25 . . .

Happy Writing fellow Warriors!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

IWSG: Stranger Things . . .than Fiction

Our November IWSG question is: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever googled in researching a story? Easy peasy – all writers know that truth is much stranger than fiction but getting to the root of that truth sometimes takes some serious digging. And some of the dirt we’re digging up is seriously strange!

When I started my writing career, research was done in the local library. Don’t get me started on the suspicious stares I got in the research section when requesting info on topics from exotic poisons to the best ways to dispose of dead bodies. Times certainly have changed! No topic is considered TOO strange or taboo where the Internet is concerned. You don’t even have to search hard – it’s right there for everyone to see whether they want to or not!

So, this week, when offing a villainous secondary character, I was trying to discover the most expeditious way for him to kill himself in the bathroom without the chance of being revived. Clock is ticking. Hanging, not feasible. Pills, none available. Finally, I narrowed it down to blood loss (no tools necessary if one has convenient fangs and claws). Wrist or carotid? Let’s ask Google. Immediately, I had a host of answers to choose from and after checking several found a Q&A site where you could ask your questions and experts in that field would respond. I received wonderfully detailed feedback (I know, I’m a ghoul) and something I didn’t expect - a host of responses from concerned strangers afraid I was asking in order to end my own life. Dozens of comments from health care providers, from those who’d lost someone or had attempted suicide themselves. My impersonal search had just inadvertently gotten very personal.Now I’m worried 9-1-1 will show up at my door, but also incredibly moved by the compassionate outreach. Next time, I’ll preface WHY I’m asking.Apparently, even Big Brother Google has a heart and soul.

Before I head off to read your posts, a bit a personal news – I’m RETIRED! 

Yes, just pulled that cord and now am floating above the job market without a care (but still some concerns!). I plan to put that extra time into my keyboard once I create a structured routine (What day is this anyway?). That’ll have to wait until after I get back from a fabulous vacay attending the vow renewal of one of my critique partners in New Orleans (and sneak in some additional research time for the last book in my By Moonlight series while hopefully beginning edits on the first draft.

Happy November, fellow writers!

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