Sunday, December 22, 2019

WeWriWa: Back to the Beginning . . . “By Moonlight” series

After completing my first edit of the final book in my “By Moonlight” dark shapeshifter series, I had to do some serious fact checking (looking for how many children a minor character in one of fifteen books had, a pet name used for an old boyfriend, whether a particular action was undertaken or simply discussed, the year and model of that orange Camero . . . those kinds of details!). With my sleuth hat on (because I didn’t do character sketches in the earlier books the way I do now because . . . who knew there’d be ten or so more of them!), I’ve been immersed in those early days and it’s like falling in love all over again (or going on a second honeymoon). So, I’m sharing excepts from the first book, MASKED BY MOONLIGHT as a reminder of why my main couple were worth all the time and carpal tunnel. Meet Max and Charlotte.

His stare locked into hers, gaze heating, darkening with something she’d never seen in them before. 

“Step back, Savoie.”

Her gruff command must have lacked conviction because his head lowered until his breath feathered soft and warm against her lips.

“Don’t,” not quite so tough.

He tasted her slowly, firmly, riding the jerk of her chest, gentling his hold on her hands, finally releasing them. Her palms came up to rest against his shoulders, motionless at first, then beginning to push until he lifted off her by a scant inch, his stare delving into hers, his breathing hurried.

“Max, stop.”

That hoarse whisper still didn’t convince as the tip of his tongue lightly rimmed the fullness of her lower lip, the gesture so provokingly intimate she trembled with a helpless chill of response.

His challenge brushed silkily over the damp part of her mouth, “I will if you mean it.”

And for a moment, for one startling moment, she didn’t.

Trying to keep the temperature level at the same degree since my first draft in 2008 has been quite the challenge. All those days . . . and nights. Whew! That’s a lot of cardio. Here’s a quick overview.

I’ll be concluding 2019 with another look back before greeting 2020 with my WIP, RISE BY MOONLIGHT.

Wishing all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS with those you love, be they family or characters or an assortment of both.

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  1. Whew! Was that hot or what? Re: edits. Don't you hate it when you forget to note something in your series "bible"? What a pain to have to reread those previous books to find out. :) Happy Holidays!

  2. That must have been quite a job of maintaining that heat level throughout 15 books! Great, sexy snippet. Sounds like a fantastic series! Happy Holidays, Nancy!

  3. I love how that moment progressed! You're so good at the subtle indications as she gives in to what he's offering...excellent excerpt!

  4. So much sexual tension between them. Well done!

    I forgot to sign up. My post is here:

  5. Well, now, that was sexier than most full on sex scenes. I believe her shell just cracked and now she's a goner. Love it!

  6. Wowza! I grinned like a silly-love-struck-idiot the whole way through that! lol Outstanding scene!

  7. Nice snippet. I loved the last line. Merry Christmas!

  8. Well, that's quite the introduction to your characters. I can see why you had trouble topping it.

  9. Hot snippet. I get a feeling that last line is a current theme for her.

    Ugh, I'm in the same boat when it comes to fact checking the first couple in my current world (I majorly underestimated the muse's liking for the place).

  10. Loved the tantalizing snippet! I want more.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year.