Sunday, January 5, 2020

WeWriWa: Something to Remind Me . . . REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT and a S*A*L*E!

In 2014, after I was freed from my contract with Pocket Books, my writing career took a unexpected turn in my first self-publishing attempt with REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT, the 9th book in my “By Moonlight” series. It was a new beginning for both me as an author and for my main character, Max Savoie as we both began a journey into the unknown. As I was learning how to control the creative reins, Max was rediscovering who he was after capture by his clan’s enemies left him with no memory of his past. Enjoy this flashback. 

From the patio of his penthouse apartment, Max Savoie surveyed a kingdom stretching from the gleaming spires of the business district that dazzled against the breaking dawn to the slow, lazy curve of the Mississippi far below, yet he felt none of the pleasures of rank or rule. He didn’t know what he felt about the city, about the posh high rise he owned, about the woman inside . . . because he didn’t remember them. 

Even before the sound of her approach, her mysterious scent reached him, one he recognized on a visceral level as Voodoo Love, a special blend from a perfumery in the Quarter. It teased about the edges of his awareness, inciting a prickle of response. His breathing quickened, skin heated and anticipation spurred his pulse to a gallop, but when he turned, those eager reactions died, because all he saw was a stranger. 

A detective with the New Orleans Police Department, Charlotte Caissie carried her shield and gun the way most women did lipstick and a designer clutch, effortlessly, as a defining part of who she was. Tall, curvy, her stride confident even in those four-inch heels, she was fiercely striking from flashing dark eyes to her short leather skirt and zebra-striped blouse—gorgeous, lethal, and in love with him. 

There was nothing aggressive about her gaze when it touched upon his with broken heart in her eyes, but only for a moment. Then she smiled and played the game they had settled into every time they were together, that of polite, carefully neutral guests forced out of necessity to share the same space. 

Only he wasn’t pretending. 

REMEMBERED BY MOONLIGHT began the second half of my series, upping the stakes, bringing in the spin-off arc of my “House of Terriot” books that concludes with Book 15, RISE BY MOONLIGHT, currently in its second revision. REMEMBERED, like RISE, summarizes what’s come before so readers can pick them up and not be lost . . . at least that’s what I’m working toward while knitting together those loose ends. So, if you don’t have time to begin at the beginning, REMEMBERED takes you on a journey through past to present. Then you’ll be ready to RISE!

SALE Time! MIDNIGHT KISS, the first book in my “Touched by Midnight” vampire romance series is kicking off the New Year with a $0.99 celebration from January 1 through 15. This was another ground-breaking series for me, beginning as one of the first in the paranormal romance wave back in the early ‘90s. After the first three books went out of print, small press frontrunner, ImaJinn Books brought them back to life and continued the series, now available through Bellebooks. I’ll be sharing an excerpt from MIDNIGHT KISS next week. 


Wishing you all the best as this exciting new decade kicks off! One of my resolutions is to get my backlist back in print. What are yours??

Happy Writing and Happy 2020!!

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  1. His loss of memory is a loss of his life on a very basic level. And agony for her as well, I'll wager. Great conflict for the second half of the series! Happy New Year, Nancy!

  2. What a situation to be in! You portray both of their struggles wonderfully, and the hint of perfume gives me hope that his memories are there waiting to be teased out.

  3. Touched by Moonlight was my 1st vampire romance. I only bought it because we're friends. Wow. I was hooked after reading it. I'm so glad others are getting another chance to enjoy it. The snippet is so poignant. How awful for Cassie that he doesn't remember her. What heartbreak.

  4. Your writing is so smooth. I love this snippet. I feel so bad for Max, and for Charlotte.

    Thanks for the "Midnight" sale--I just picked up a copy!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! Hope you enjoy it. It was a very early effort!

  5. Usually amnesia plots make me crazy but yours has me totally hooked. A very atmospheric snippet, so many great details, felt like I was right there. Your writing is very lush... I do think scent can trigger the deepest memories...just a terrific excerpt!

  6. Great snippet, that bit about the perfume was so evocative.

  7. What a beautifully poignant and even 'poetic' snippet, so evocative and the scene came to life for me.