Sunday, March 22, 2020

WeWriWa: Worlds Apart . . . Seeker of Shadows

Nothing could be farther apart in my “By Moonlight” series than two pieces of a species whole – one controlling the icy, intellectual realm of the North and the other, beasts of labor huddled along the docks of Gulf. For a brief forbidden moment, those lines were crossed by a young scientist and her hulking bodyguard until their tryst was discovered and he was ripped from his love’s arm and left for dead in New Orleans without a memory. When Susanna Duchamp has the chance to reunite with her mate, their reunion is more agony than the ecstasy she’d imagined.

Susanna gave up on trying to work, her thoughts fragmented, emotions that were rarely tested were tied in a knot. 

Seven years ago, she’d done the right thing, the only thing she could to save them all. There’d been no other choice, no options, and if she hadn’t let him go, instead of pacing the floor in an agony of frustration, he’d be dead . . . but knowing that truth didn’t lessen her pain.

Tears burned in her eyes as she watched his restless movements, knowing he struggled against feelings he couldn’t understand. His desire for her wasn’t natural, not like the earthy affection he had for his female staff, yet it couldn’t be broken by distance or anger or the drink he finally reached for. Its power couldn’t be rejected or denied.

She had a family in the North, he had a life here. Their politics, their pursuits, their physiology, none were compatible. There was no hope for a future, no solution now, any more than there had been then. She’d been wrong to think so when she’d been young and giddy with passion, but now she had no excuse.

Can love conquer all, even when one side can’t remember the other and has no reason to trust her? SEEKER OF SHADOWS is all about finding a way back together from impossibly different sides – especially when there’s an indisputable middle ground binding them together.


His town.

Susanna Duchamps came to New Orleans to settle a debt and to temporarily escape the controlled constraints of her life among the Chosen. What she finds is an opportunity to make miraculous strides with her research into Shifter genetics . . . and an unexpected, but never forgotten, man from her complicated past.

Her rules.

Shifter club owner Jacques LaRoche is fiercely protective of his freedom. Stripped of his memories of a former life, he longs for the mate he lost . . . until the enticingly familiar presence of a mysterious stranger from the north ignites a primal, nearly uncontrollable need to release the untamed beast inside him.

Their last chance.

Susanna dares not tell Jacques it was she who sacrificed his past and her future years ago, to protect him and the secret she carried. But her arrival in New Orleans comes with consequences. When a bloody confrontation erupts between their enemy clans, will she betray her lover once again—or throw her own life on the line so they can finish what they started?

As central secondary characters in my “By Moonlight” series, Jacques and Susanna both play vital roles in the survival of their clans and their species and I’ve had great fun bringing them back for one last stand in RISE BY MOONLIGHT (Just completing the second edit!).

Right now, the world needs more heroes, and everyone has a chance to become one in conquering this latest villain, COVID-19. My household has been battened down this past week with the welcome addition of my grandguy, whose been testing my ancient knowledge as I supervise his remote 7th grade classroom assignments while son and D-i-L are working in a different city. This English Major finally discovered what a predicate is! 

I’ll be on the road taking him back home this weekend but hope to check in to see how everyone is holding down their personal forts. I have no skin on my knuckles from all that hand washing!

Stay safe out there and stay home with your antiseptic keyboards!

Happy Writing and Happy SPRING!!

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  1. Very intriguing! It would be so painful to be near someone you loved and have them not recognize you, and to know it was for the best.

  2. This is beautiful, heartbreaking conflict going on. I LOVE their story!

  3. It sounds like, no matter the situation, they will always have that pull toward each other.

    And my hands are a mess from all the cleaning products and hand-washing, too. At night, I coat my hands with petroleum jelly then wear gloves to sleep.

  4. We are doing our best and pray all will be much better.

  5. Sounds like a solid and unbreakable attraction between them!

  6. Ok, wow, this is a dramatic premise all right! Loved the snippet, so much emotion at play...can't wait for more.

  7. So sad - seeing someone you loved and unable to be with them.

  8. Those are some impossible odds they're up against, but I have faith that Love will find a way!

  9. Watching your loved one suffer is truly horrible.

  10. Such heartbreak between them. Enjoy the time with the grandguy. Daughter & DIL decided it was best to keep the kiddies away from us--for our safety esp. from those little petrie dishes (aka the twins). Amazing what 7th graders are learning. Stay safe.

  11. So much is against them. What an emotional snippet.

  12. I really enjoyed your snippet. It pulled at the heart strings.

    Keep smiling,