Sunday, April 26, 2020

WeWriWa: Surrender to a great $0.99 SALE! . . . MIDNIGHT SURRENDER

Since leaving you with breaths suspended after last week’s excerpt from my historical vampire romance, MIDNIGHT SURRENDER, I’ll get right to the conclusion of the scene in which my vampire hero rescues the usually capable heroine from a questionably random attack on a fog-filled street in turn-of-the century New York.

“Do not be afraid.” 

Yet when he spoke that soothing sentiment, two monstrous teeth were exposed: Sharp, animal-like fangs tinged with crimson. Cassie tried to scream, but the sound suffocated in her horror-constricted throat. 

“I will not harm you.” 

He reached out a slender hand, the gesture an offer of aid, not threat, cupping beneath her elbow just as the strength in her legs gave way. He held her up without effort. She was aware of her own fear, of how it fluttered about a heart gone mad, but was helpless to act upon it even as he placed his other hand gently against the tangled disarray of her blond hair, his touch cold, so cold it made her tremble. 

Then the shock of the situation overcame her, consciousness giving way before a numbing swoon. Just as she sank into its embrace, she felt his hand pass across her eyes and heard the low croon of his voice. 

“Remember nothing.”

Don’t forget to exhale!!

I had a blast writing the Touched by Midnight books, first for New York then completing them with a small press and having them reissued once again for another with all new covers. It’s hard to keep a good vampire down!


How do you like that original cover with it’s Barnabas Collins lookalike?

Here’s to the publishers (and readers) who had no problem having me bring my undead hero back several times within the course of the series as the characters and story arcs traveled from Regency England to the jungles of Peru and into genetic labs in modern Seattle. Along with the paranormal aspects, I got to include folklore, a serial killer, crime and corruption, and medical ethics all wrapped around the search for an enduring happily-ever-after. MIDNIGHT SURRENDER is one of my favorites, bringing back Louis along with his arch nemeses and new dangers galore set in the newspaper world that threatens to expose him and his secrets. Though part of a series, it can be easily read as a standalone but be warned, you might not be able to resist devouring all eight books once you get a taste.

From now until the 30th, MIDNIGHT SURRENDER is seductively priced at $0.99.

If you’re like me, and are trying to fill non-writing hours with something to keep the imagination fired up and inspired, I’ve got some binge-worthy suggestions in my latest post on Paranormal Romantics, So Many Shows and Nowhere to Go. Click on over for an entertaining browse through what’s available.

Here’s hoping for some sunny days ahead as we in Michigan are looking at an extension of the “Stay at Home” order. Still waiting for rain and snow to allow more use of our patio set and grill so we can be entertained by the wildlife in our backyard instead of at a mall or restaurant (I prefer the first option!).

Stay Safe, fellow Warriors and Write On!!

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

WeWriWa: Sink Your Teeth into a Sale . . . MIDNIGHT SURRENDER

Don’t you just love it when old things are new again? Especially when they return on SALE for only $0.99!! I’m still hoping shoulder pads will come back into style so I can dust off the jackets in my second closet, but while I wait, I can celebrate the return of a favorite book from my first paranormal vampire trio. Here’s a tasty bite from MIDNIGHT SURRENDER that has our heroine in a dire situation. But does her rescue bring safety . . . or a deeper, darker peril?

Then, her attacker was gone, yanked back into the fog by an incredible force, a terrible wail coming from out of the mist, then silence. 

The other man lost all interest in her, pulling a knife, a long thin-bladed weapon he bandied before him with murderous intent as he whirled to face the gray-cloaked street. He took a cautious step off the curb, the mist sucking at him, veiling him partially as he gave a sudden shout and drove his knife forward with all his might at some target Cassie couldn’t see . . . then he, too, was lost in the swirl of evening haze. 

Cassie leaned back against the rails, breath rasping from her, panic and pain shaking her knees together. She’d dropped her papers and her slick-soled shoes slipped on the spill of them on the walk beneath her as, sobbing softly, she started to pull herself along the fence, afraid to take her eyes from the spot where her assailants had disappeared. 

She screamed hoarsely as one of them lurched into view, stumbling, reeling, his hands up at his neck where blood gleamed black in the faint reach of the closest street lamp. He made a gurgling sound and reached out for her with one wet hand, catching her sleeve, tugging as he began to fall. Frantically, she jerked back to free herself as he slid down silently into the low curtain of mist. 

Movement brought her frightened gaze up from the cloud that had swallowed him, causing her to shrink against the unyielding bars, small sounds of terror escaping her with each labored breath. 

A lone figure approached from out of the icy clouds, face familiar yet unlike any she’d seen before — pale as the wisps of mist with eyes like fiery coals.

MIDNIGHT SURRENDER was the third of a three-book paranormal romance series that follows a family of vampires fleeing an age-old enemy, and was a first trip to the ‘dark side’ for me back in the ‘90s at the request of my editor, who was eager to pounce on the new craze started by Anne Rice. As a historical author, I set the first book during the Regency era, the second after the French Revolution and the third, MIDNIGHT SURRENDER, in Turn-of-the-Century New York. Being a bit of a rebel, I did something rather unheard of in romance at the time by bringing my undead hero from Book 1, Louis Radman, back (so to speak) for a second chance at love.



Hunt or be hunted . . . A centuries-old obsession stalks a noble family fighting to hide their dark secret from an ever-changing world. Sink your teeth into Nancy Gideon's Touched by Midnight series.

A Reckless Quest . . .

A savage killer stalks the dark streets of turn-of-the-century New York. To keep her father’s newspaper afloat, publisher Cassie Alexander chases the story. But what she catches is a madman’s attention.

A Dark Deception . . .

When her reclusive neighbor Louis Radcliffe rescues her from an attack, Cassie finds her vow of independence shaken by the strong attraction between them. It’s an attraction Louis denies, even as the invalid grandmother he cares for pushes to bring them together—for reasons that will break both their hearts.

An Inevitable Sacrifice . . . .

Determined to hide his secrets from her, Louis soon becomes the cornerstone of Cassie’s investigation. He can’t allow her stubbornness to place her life—and his immortal soul—in danger. But as much as he tries to keep her safe in his arms, it soon becomes evident that Cassie’s become a target. And Louis has no choice but to find out if their love is strong enough to withstand the truth . . . .

“Gripping! Readers are pulled into a whirlwind while surrendering their souls!”— Gothic Journal

“Darkly sensual and suspenseful Midnight Surrender is nothing short of special! Lovers of vampire romances take notice!”— The Literary Times

“Gideon mesmerizes with this chilling tale. You’ll read it and read it again. Superb!”— Rendezvous


Every hero deserves a second chance and so does a good book. After disappearing in an era prior to e-books, MIDNIGHT SURRENDER was reborn when small press, ImaJinn Books, returned the first three to print and contracted me (because of demand from readers!) for six more in the series. It’s hard to keep a good vampire hero down! Especially, when you can resurrect him at a great price!! If you love paranormal, or just want to take a taste, MIDNIGHT SURRENDER is on SALE for just $0.99 until April 30. I’ll be back with another teaser to nibble on next week.

I was just getting used to the Shelter in Place because of our sunny deck, then Michigan decided to revive winter, forcing us back indoors. My grandguy’s return home has left a big void to fill. Bright spots since then were enjoying a ZOOM chat with my critique partners (first time putting on makeup in three weeks!) and getting RISE BY MOONLIGHT out to Beta readers (finally!!). Until I get comments back for a final edit, it’s binge-watch time! I’m currently in the second season of “The Man in the High Castle” (Awesome!) with the return of “Bosch” in the wings. How are you coping with captivity?

Stay Safe, fellow Warriors, and Write On!!

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

WeWriWa: Getting to Know You . . . HUNTER OF SHADOWS

Soooo, last week we met Nica Fraser who our hero, Detective Silas MacCreedy has more than an inking is not what she seems to be. After they have more than one not a chance meeting, he needs to discover just what she is . . . if he’s going to stay alive.

Nica stepped closer, movements deceivingly relaxed, until they were toe-to-toe as she placed her palm on his chest to feel heartbeats strong and steady then asked, “What have they told you?” 

“All sorts of interesting things,” was his soft reply as his stare remained unblinking. 

She stretched up to nuzzle his warm throat, to breathe in his scent and taste the heat of his skin with her lips. Rubbing her cheek against his, she whispered, “What sort of things, lover?” then glanced up to find his stropped steel gaze upon her. 

“Impossible things,” he replied, his hands settling lightly at her waist, “I never would have believed if you hadn’t left your fang prints behind.” 

“You know Shifter females can’t change shape,” she reasoned, her pulse pounding wildly. He knew – and she couldn’t let him leave this room with that knowledge or everything she worked for, every sacrifice she’d made would be for nothing. 

Primal self-preservation kicked in, and she backed away. 

“So,” Silas asked, watching her closely, “if you’re not one of our females, what does that make you?” 

“More dangerous than you could ever imagine.”

Okay, not exactly the answer he was hoping for . . . but it’ll turn out to be just the one he needs in order to fulfill his own quest in danger filled New Orleans. Being a shapeshifter and a stranger, he’ll need all the help he can get as the “By Moonlight” series expands in surprisingly different directions to include deadly new opponents . . . who are no strangers to our mysterious heroine.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some fiction to carry me away. Things are getting a little too real in the world today. Sent my grandguy home on Thursday along with all his digitally turned in homework and the place is mighty quiet. Just in time for Spring to finally arrive.

Today’s goal is to suck up more Vitamin D if the rain stays away. Opening office and bedrooms windows (to be immediately filled with cats!) has done wonders for my productivity. Anything over 50-degrees is sunglasses and deck chair weather to me. The sun is coming up in my corner of the world. How ‘bout yours?

Stay safe and stay at home with a good book and a work in progress, fellow Warriors!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8sunday posts.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

IWSG: My World and Welcome to It!

Our April Insecure Writers Support Group question is: How are things in your world? Can anyone honestly answer, “Same ole same ole?” When the news of COVID-19 insidiously hijacked the news, the idea of a pandemic here in our hemisphere was like something out of a sci-fi movie. Scary and unbelievable at first, we all tried to carry on as if it was business as usual . . . until all those businesses began to close and the walls of our homes, likewise, began to close in around us. Here in Michigan, the voice of reason was our Governor. Calm, concise and compelling, she took hold of the panic and uncertainty and told it like it was going to be. Go home. Stay there! Yes, ma’am!

In our house, it’s pretty much business as usual, being retired, except for one thing, or should I say someone. While schools closed the week of the 16th, we opened our doors to invite my 12-year-old grandguy in for the duration (my D-i-L was working from home when also studying for exams toward a second degree and my son was on call). We’re going on our third week, which is great fun, except for homework. 7th grade math! Ewwww! I had to do homework in order to check HIS homework. Now, we have our system of class times interspersed with fun times and all is getting turned in. I think the most fun is his music class practice time. We’ve already requested new sheet music for drums and xylophone (the cats are NOT fans!).

Though knuckles are raw from handwashing and rainy weather has prevented walks, we’re hunkered down, supporting the local community with delivery service (gotta eat and they gotta get paid!) and ourselves with Netflix now that TV has gone mostly reruns. Not a bad deal!

Not to make light of the situation. The news is terrifying, especially in our state with the number rising so far so fast. We’re helpless but at the same time, not hopeless. So, all you all hang in there. I’ll be working on the last chapter of my second edit of RISE BY MOONLIGHT, the final book in my “By Moonlight” shapeshifter series, getting it ready to go out to Beta readers, working to pass 7th grade, and enjoying my grandguy’s synopsizing of the book I bought him to read for English, Broken Branch Falls: Beast World – Book One by Tara Tyler. Goblins, elves, high school bullies, what’s not for him to love?!

Stay safe out there and happy writing, fellow Warriors!!

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Posting: The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Post your thoughts on your own blog. Talk about your doubts and the fears you have conquered. Discuss your struggles and triumphs. Offer a word of encouragement for others who are struggling. Visit others in the group and connect with your fellow writer - aim for a dozen new people each time.The awesome co-hosts for the April 1st posting of the IWSG will be Diane Burton, JH Moncrieff, Anna @ Emaginette, Karen @ Reprobate Typewriter, Erika Beebe, and Lisa Buie-Collard!

Let’s rock the neurotic writing world!

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