Sunday, May 17, 2020

WeWriWa: Cover Reveal and a Heck of a Deal!

Wow! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous cover! Going slightly stir crazy in quarantine while waiting for Beta reads on RISE BY MOONLIGHT, I decided to put together my first boxed set in anticipation of that final book in my By Moonlight dark shapeshifter series. Imagine all four hot and hunky Terriot brothers in one sexy $3.99 read! I’m hoping to have it up for preorder by our next visit.

While I’m proofing the HOUSE OF TERRIOT for release at the end of the month, I’ll whet your appetite for another bargain with this yummy S*A*L*E! MIDNIGHT CRUSADER, the final book in my Touched by Midnight vampire romance series is only $0.99 (!) through the end of the month! Here’s a tasty tease from that romance strong enough to survive the passage of centuries . . .

“Tell me what I must do.” 

“You need only survive, young sir. Survive to conquer the years, the centuries, however long it takes for you to seek out her tortured soul.” 

“However long it takes,” Gabriel affirmed, not truly understanding the magnitude of his pledge. 

“Then you will be transformed this very night so you might begin your search in an existence where time holds no meaning.” 

He never saw her physically move. 

One instant, she was staring at him with an almost hypnotic intensity, distracting him from the fact that the three of them were no longer alone in the room. Shadows shifted from within the unnatural stillness to become figures looming just out of the light. 

He heard Rolland’s briefly uttered warning and the rasp of his sword. But Gabriel had no time to react with alarm or instinct.

(Here’s the rest of the scene following our new guidelines) 

The crone was upon him, knocking him flat upon his back. His hands were gripped before they could find sword and dagger in his own defense. And then came the pain, swift and sharp, at his throat, at his wrists and elbows. He tried to cry out, but no sound of protest came neither to mouth nor eventually to mind. 

So, this was death, this slow, chill sinking into dark oblivion. 

He surrendered to the sapping weakness of body even as a part of him clung to the strength of his resolve. 

For Naomi.

Like many of my Midnight books, MIDNIGHT CRUSADER was sparked by my experiences (no, not with vampires!). My first trip to Las Vegas was spent staying at the Excalibur where I got to romantically dine with my fingers while watching handsome knights joist. Now that’s entertainment! And the perfect setting for my lovelorn noble who damns himself in order to follow his love through time. If you’ve read the series, you’ll remember hotty Gabriel from MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE, a true knight in shining armor in search of his own happily-ever-after.

Pardon me while I return to my delicious shapeshifter brothers (after first visiting you!)

Hope you’re having a glorious Spring day!

Happy Writing, fellow Warriors!

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  1. What a great scene! Death or life everlasting? Love the cover for your House of Terriot. I love that series. Great to "see" you yesterday. Thank goodness for technology.

  2. Wow...this scene... Just wow. Who is Naomi?? All I know is that this man loves her with all of his being. Wonderful writing!

    Gorgeous cover!

    And--another sale!! I just bought it. Now to find the time...

  3. I don't know the context here, but it sounds very much like he's just made a pact with consequences he doesn't comprehend.

  4. Quite vivid...I like the fact he didn't truly understand the bargain he'd made, which makes him seem quite real and human. Great snippet!

  5. Love the box set cover! And quite an intriguing snippet!

  6. That box set cover is awesome, and so is the snippet. So many delicious choices!

  7. I think I, too, have died from the fabulousness of this snippet. Just SO good! Love the cover on your box set as well!

  8. Intense snippet! And I can't wait for this boxed set to come up for pre-order. I've been wanting to read the Terriot Brothers series and since I just retired, I plan to have much more time to read and write. Perfect timing!

    1. It's up for pre-order now (of course right after my blog went live!). Congrats on retirement! You'll love it.

  9. What an intense scene! I want to know who Naomi is now.

  10. Charmaine Gordon May !7 2020 at 4:15 PM
    An intense scene well done.

  11. I loved your chilling descriptions of his encounter with the crone."Whatever it takes" -- I wonder if he'd like to take back that pledge.

  12. Nice snippet. Quite sentimental towards the end :)

    Keep smiling,

  13. Rather chilling at the end. I wonder if he totally understood what he has promised.

  14. The vividness is amazing! I love how you portray his defenselessness. I really must master these short vivid but impactful sentences.

  15. Awesome, complex, and well written scene. Love it.