Sunday, July 19, 2020

WeWriWa: Two S*A*L*E*S and a Prince of a Guy . . . PRINCE OF DREAMS

Sharing from my final Terriot prince’s book before turning to the last chapter of the By Moonlight series which is in the process of being formatted (Squee!). I never expected Kip Terriot, the youngest prince in the House of Terriot to catch my heart, and apparently neither did Ophelia Brady, the daughter of his employer - the man he’s sworn to destroy. But one doesn’t have to cast a Tarot spread to see the future for these two after reading this almost morning-after scene. 

On his way in to work, Kip paused at the foot of the stairs to watch her descend and it took all her concentration not to trip and tumble to his feet as the magic of the night before returned in spades, or rather cups, at first glance. Apparently, for him, too, as hazel eyes grew smoky and his smile spread slow and wide, releasing those killer dimples as he said, “I was hoping I’d see you.”

Phe managed the rest of the steps without jellied knees hurrying her descent. Even several feet away was too close for her not to feel the magnetic pull between them. She was always surprised by how tall he was, how attractive and totally into her he seemed to be . . . the way he’d been last night.

Before she could assemble speech, he caught her hand, pressing something silky into her palm, voice rumbling, soft and husky, “I somehow ended up with these and really, really want to see them on you, as promised.”

Her panties.

Stuffing them into her sloppy bag, Ophelia dragged up a shaky breath and ragged smile, stammering, “I’m just on my way out since I didn’t get everything accomplished that I needed to last night.”

“Me either . . . my fault,” he slipped in with the hint of a wink.

It took every scrap of her strength not to turn and watch him walk away, which was almost as agitating as his approach.

Sigh . . . Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the princes from my House of Terriot 4-book boxed set (four-for-the-price-of-one at just $3.99!! I couldn’t let them go without another loooong, lingering look at them . . .

July is heating up with another paranormal sale, this time with bite instead of a growl. MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE, from my vampire Touched by Midnight series, is just $0.99 (!) until the end of the month, as a small town, legally ambiguous Louisiana attorney is courted by a prestigious Washington, D.C. firm that’s under investigation by a relentless cop searching for her best friend’s killer. And you thought lawyers being vampires wasn’t literal! 

I’m hoping (fingers crossed!) to have RISE BY MOONLIGHT up for preorder by next weekend. The promo grind is getting ready to roll out in full force. I’m looking for blogs willing to host me as a guest in August. I’ll be doing a blog tour with sign ups coming up soon, so if you’re interested, let me know! Deep breath . . . and back into the fray.

Enjoy the summer heat, fellow Warriors and Happy Reading!!

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  1. I love all the sexual tension still lingering between them!

  2. is it hot in here? ;) Great snippet

  3. Boy that must have been some night! I don't know who's got it worse for whom! Happy pre-order this week!

    Oh, Nancy, your video won't play. It says it's private. I was looking forward to it!

  4. Oh yes, the scene brims with all kinds of emotion and tension and other good things...delicious. Great snippet!

  5. They're certainly aching for more!

  6. Charmaine Gordon July 19, 2020 at high noon.
    Romance is here and it makes me wonder what happens next.

  7. What a tantalizing scene! Loved it.

  8. Great snippet. You really did a good job creating sexual tension between them.

  9. Looking for Ed's comment so I'm not the only male commenting... oh well. Very tense and electrical scene. It's great to read a passionate scene without there being anything passionate going on. Great job.

  10. Slow and seductive. What a scene!