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About Me

“A one-of-a-kind author who leaves you begging for more!”  The Literary Times


Nancy Gideon is the award-winning bestseller of over 80 original titles (83, including reissues) since her first publication in 1987. This Michigan author’s writing career is as versatile as the romance market, itself. Her books encompass genres from action-packed historicals, lushly sensual regencies, and contemporaries edged with suspense, to the dark paranormal worlds of vampires and shapeshifters, with a couple of horror screenplays and an Indie horror movie tie-in novel thrown into the mix, along with non-fiction how-tos on writing and publishing.

Under her own name, Nancy Gideon, she’s a top 50 Amazon bestseller with her “Touched by Moonlight” vampire series and “By Moonlight” dark shape-shifter series, and is also listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for collaborating on Indie horror films In the Woods and Savage with screenwriting and ADR script credits, and a small role as “bar extra” she likes to boast about. Her Harlequin/Silhouette contemporary suspenses are also still available.

Writing historical and contemporary romance as Dana Ransom, she’s a “Career Achievement for Historical Adventure” award winner with books published in Romanian, Italian, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, German, Icelandic and Chinese and her contemporary romances have been reissued. Many of her older historical titles (from the ‘80s and ‘90s) will also soon be reissued.

Writing historicals as Rosalyn West, she’s a HOLT Medallion winner, and she has also penned Regencies-set historicals as Lauren Giddings, with her first sale, SWEET TEMPEST, now available as her first audio book.

“Tremendous novels full of action, romance and incredible characters . . . nobody does a hero as well!” – Affaire de Coeur Magazine

A national speaker on writing in general and romance, in particular, and a prolific author, Nancy attributes her creative output, which once peaked at seven novels in one year, to her love of history, scary movies, and a gift for storytelling, also crediting a background in journalism and her OCD. Before her recent retirement, she was up every weekday at 4:30 a.m. to get in computer time before heading to her full-time job as a legal assistant in Central Michigan. Now, writing is her fulltime job and her ‘spare time,’ she dotes on her grandguy, feeds a Netflix addiction along with all things fur, fin and fowl, is a member of Romance Writers of America and its Mid-Michigan and Greater Detroit RWA chapters, and has enjoyed brainstorming with the same PotL critique group for over 20 years!

The Top Ten Things You Don’t Know About Nancy . . .

  1. Reach out & touch: E-mail preferred over phone, letter or text.
  2. Nothing but the best, no substitutions: Toilet paper, coffee (Keurig, please!)
  3. Night on the town: Broadway
  4. Meal most ordered at a restaurant: Salmon (the one thing she won’t cook at home)
  5. Favorite type of exercise: Weight machines with an IPod. What, typing isn’t exercise?
  6. The outfit isn’t complete without: Fabulous bling
  7. Guilty pleasure: Badly dubbed martial arts movies
  8. Always found in purse: Notepad, tape measure, receipts
  9. Longest sustained relationship: Dieting.
  10. Favorite time of day: Watching the sun come up with a cup of coffee in hand. Especially if there’s a lake or an ocean involved.


  1. Hi Nancy... I'm very excited about your upcoming new book.Do you know when it will be available?
    Also, I'm excited to see you posting again. I was actually thinking about you a day or so ago and was planning on trying to reach you through email. I miss your posts. Take care and I hope to be reading your new book soon!

    1. Hi Sheila!! Thanks for writing. My romantic suspense is out with my trusty reader then I'll be looking to get it out either thru a publisher or by self-pubbing. I'll keep you updated! I'm newly retired and will be a lot more chatty!

  2. Hi Nancy are you going to finish the Bass Books ?

    1. I'm rereading them now! I want to get them reprinted AND add Randall's book which I've started.