Sunday, September 13, 2020

WeWriWa: A Deal with the Devil . . . MIDNIGHT ENCHANTMENT $0.99 SALE (just 2 more days!!) #Sale99

Long before my shapershifters tore their way through New Orleans, a different breed of dark hero haunted and hunted those streets. “Vampire” was the threat that whispered on the cold night mist. The “Touched by Midnight” series was my first foray into the supernatural, and MIDNIGHT ENCHANTMENT was the book the brought the initial trilogy back to life (so to speak!) as the sleek, deadly villain in those books is unearthed (pardon the pun!) after hiding to regain his strength . . . only to be threatened by a mere mortal – his solicitor! - who will expose what his is unless he agrees to an unholy bargain. Marry the man’s sister and thus, share access to his fortune with the schemers or be exposed for what he is. Obviously, Gerardo Pasquale does not take kindly to threats.

Through carefully parted curtains, he watched the cunning little solicitor’s scrambling climb over his front gate, and it was with supreme command of will that he didn’t swoop down with all the supernatural power of his kind to end the pompous presence of one sly mortal who dared—DARED!—impose conditions upon him, but caution and the strong will of self-preservation held him helpless for the moment. 

He, with all his abilities, was not without weakness, and the nasty little lawyer had thrust cleanly through that Achilles heel without being aware of it. 

Ordinarily, he would have laughed in the face of the man’s ploy to extort his fortune and would have gleefully drained him to death for his impertinence. But to act now in a fit of rash retribution would expose him to unnecessary dangers, forcing him out of the hiding place he’d made for himself in the gloomy mansion, because he didn’t know whom Cristobel had entrusted with the evidence against him or how to stop it from gaining public attention. That was the real hazard he sought to avoid. 

He heaved a sigh of reluctant resignation, a weariness centuries deep. True, he could leave the city without a trace come nightfall and foil Cristobel’s clever plot, but in doing so, would sacrifice much. Despite his dramatic show to scare the meddling human, he was weak, his powers at an ebb. He’d crept into New Orleans to recoup what he could and to shield himself from outside jeopardy while yet in a vulnerable state, and here in his moldy isolation, he’d wallowed in remorse, suffering for the foolhardy arrogance that had led him to this low. His only wish was to be left alone, to become inconspicuous among those who provided what he needed to survive as he grew stronger.

(. . . and the rest of the scene) 

His recovery was slow because his will to go on had been crippled almost as badly as his human form. He merely existed now, mourning his losses, chastening himself for his follies, separating from those who would care for him because he didn’t deserve their love and refused to endanger them. As long as he laid low and kept to himself, he was safe, but to have his presence announced, even in some tawdry tribune, would let those who believed him dead know they’d been deceived and that he could not afford. 

Feeling the discomfort of approaching dawn, Gerard let the curtain fall. There was nothing he could do except seek his rest away from the reach of his relentless enemy, the sun. Come dusk, he would rise up, full of vengeful purpose to meet with Cristobel and his scheming sister, and he would bow to their demands to keep his secrets secure . . . for the moment. But he would be watching, waiting, for them to make their first mistake, which would also be their last. Then he would make them suffer for their arrogant greed.

And he would enjoy the feast.

Though long-suffering Louis Radman who seeks to regain his humanity is the hero of the series, morally ambiguous, sleekly dangerous, and wearily amusing Gerardo Pasquale has always been my favorite. He’s the perfect antihero badboy who seems to have met his match in the witchy sister of the fool who dared poke a monster. MIDNIGHT ENCHANTMENT is on SALE for $0.99 through September 15th (just two more days!!) so grab it up and sink your teeth into some deliciously dark enjoyment.

While not soaking up late summer sunshine with two of my fur friends, I’ve been feverishly putting together outlines for a couple of contemporary series in anticipation of meeting virtually with a potential agent – my first since I went self-pub. Wish me luck that it’s a good fit and just the push I need to beat the Corona Blues and become feverishly productive again. 

Enjoy the grill weather while you can and happy writing, fellow Warriors!!

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Sunday, September 6, 2020

WeWriWa: Dirty Deeds Done by Moonlight . . . RISE BY MOONLIGHT

I’m concluding my visits to the villains of my “By Moonlight” world with the two you love to hate. NOPD police commissioner Warren Brady was the iconic hero - a stoic widower who raised young twin daughters, espoused philanthropic endeavors,hosts a wall of commendations, and carries his city’s respect . . . until his dark underworld belly is exposed. A medal-tarnishing arrest is just the start of a plunging fall. Genevieve Savorie can no longer pretend to be anything but a power-hungry unnatural evil from the North. Using Brady as her hammer to conquer New Orleans and crush her nephew Max Savoie who is the supposed savior of its shapeshifter clan, she runs a tight ship and Brady finds himself in choppy waters when she surprises him with a visit.

“Hello, Warren.”

Startled by the familiar voice at his ear, Warren Brady’s distracted aim nearly ruined his expensive shoes. Genevieve Savorie was the last person he’d expect to encounter in the men’s room at the Old Absinthe House where he’d been absolving his guilt with a potent drip of 136-proof Pernod in a heavily shadowed corner of the 200-year-old bar.

Growling his displeasure, he pushed past her, heading to the sinks to wet paper towels for damage control. The sight of his daughter guarding the door didn’t lessen his annoyance . . . or his fear.

“This is a new low, even for you, Genevieve.”

“I recall we’ve met in less savory places than dark rooms on Bourbon Street.”

Her censure didn’t improve his mood. “Why are you here?”

“I want to know what possessed you to make such a colossal mess of all my hard work,” Genevieve purred, adding, “so please explain how being neck deep in a criminal investigation encourages my faith that you’ll be of any use at all.”

(and the rest of the scene . . . )

“They have nothing,” he snapped. “Just manufactured and illegally obtained evidence. I’ll be cleared of all charges.”

“That’s supposed to absolve my misgivings?”

He spun to glare at her. “What do you know about what goes on here in my city?”

“Why, Warren, I have eyes and ears everywhere.”

A chill rode through him, turning his response into an attack. “You think that priest is helping you?” His laugh provoked a tightening of her exquisite features. “He’s in their pocket, Genevieve. He has no loyalty to you or your plans.”

Her inhale held a poisonous hiss. “What’s between me and Michael isn’t your concern. His isn’t the face on every news channel with a caption of corruption beneath it!” A deflating sigh. “We had plans for you, Warren.”

Had. The connotation drained his arrogance.

An angry boss showing up without warning is never a good thing, especially when you’ve failed her miserably and have run out of excuses. How do you think this situation is going to be resolved? I wonder what kind of retirement plan she offers.

If you need more paranormal excitement to sink your teeth into this looooong weekend, one of my favorite historical vampire books from my “Touched by Moonlight” series is on SALE until Sept. 15 for just $.99!!

I’m hoping to spend the rest of the long holiday weekend (wo)manning our new grill. Sending out a big “THANK YOU!” to all those workers who stepped up to keep our country running!

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday with friends and family either in person or virtually!

Happy loooong Weekend and Happy Writing!!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

IWSG: My Dream Beta Partner and a $.99 SALE!

Our Insecure Writers Support Group question for September is “If you could choose one author, living or dead, to be your beta partner, who would it be and why?”

Let me start off by saying I have FANTASTIC Beta Readers, some who’ve put up with me for the better part of a decade! I wouldn’t replace their insight and spot on suggestions for anything. Buuuut, if I had one wish to share my pages with anyone, it would be Stephen King. His depth of characters and gripping prose has everything I’d aspire to offer as an author. Admittedly, I devoured the mammoth Outsiders in just two days (so I’d be finished before the mini-series started and now wish I hadn’t because I would have enjoyed the series much more without making constant comparisons to the gripping prose). The Stand is the gold standard as my favorite read. I love every moment spent between those pages and can’t wait to see it come back as a new mini-series. Admittedly, Stephen fell off my revered pedestal for a time, but he’s back on top again and in eerily feisty form. Advice from him would be my manna from author heaven!

The one thing I learned from Mr. King was the power of writing the BIG story. Lots of characters, tons of drama and danger twisted about the supernatural. But characters always first. So I can credit him for my two biggest efforts – my “By Moonlight” 15-book shapeshifter series and my “Touched by Midnight” 9-book vampire series. Both have come back to life this month with a new release AND a sale.

My “Touched by Midnight” series came first and has been resurrected three times through different publishers, covers and reprints. The 9-book series follows Louis Radman and family as his sworn enemies pursue them through the centuries as he searches for a cure to his unwanted affliction, appearing as the never aging main character in several of them. The first book takes place during the Regency period and moves progressively into modern times (to the delight of the history buff in me!). MIDNIGHT ENCHANTMENT, which places Louis’s half-human, half-vampire daughter in post-Revolution France is one of my favorites and is on SALE for only $.99 through September 15!

“By Moonlight” follows a shapeshifter community living and working in New Orleans under the occupants’ radar. Their way of life is threatened by a warring clan from Nevada and with subjugation from an elite branch of scientists in Chicago. Legends foretell of the arrival of a savoir for the kind, “The Chosen One.” That title sits uncomfortably on the head of Max Savoie, an orphaned outcast raised by a mobster and now the head of his vast enterprises, bringing unwelcomed attention from the NOPD . . . with the exception of unwitting love interest Detective Charlotte Caissie. Their volatile relationship as their worlds and hearts collide carried me through a decade of adventure finally coming to an end with newly released RISE BY MOONLIGHT which ties up the drama in a way that even a first-time reader can enjoy.

Go big or go home! That’s the motto I learned from Mr. King and I’m sticking with it.

Loving the cooler temperatures and the crisp evening scent of fall to come to put me in the mood for snuggling under the blankets with a good book. Thankfully, you, my friends, have provided me with plenty to keep me busy!!

Write on and Happy Reading!

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Let’s rock the neurotic writing world!

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Sunday, August 30, 2020


Squee!! It never gets old no matter how many books you write!! 

Forgive that giddy moment. Now on to my post . . .

Good versus Evil. A plot device from the beginning of time – literally. This week I’m continuing to explore the villainous aspects of my latest release with this scene between our shapeshifter hero, Max Savoie and Carmen Blutafino, the criminal cornerstone in New Orleans now that Max’s mentor is no more. Manny Blu owns The Sweat Shop, a French Quarter strip club where high stakes gambling and dark deeds are done in the rooms upstairs. Above pudgy manicured hands and corpulence stuffed into a gaudy suit are a shark’s hard stare and a survivalist’s quick mind as Max grills him about his knowledge of an attack upon his mate, Detective Charlotte Caissie. 

“I’m supposed to just give you that information out of the goodness of my heart?” 

“If you want it to keep beating.” 

“Don’t insult me, Savoie. I’m not afraid of you.” 

Max bared his teeth, earning Manny’s rapid blink as if doubting the reality of those sharp points. “Yes, you are, because you’re not a fool, and you don’t want an until-the-end-of-timeshare out in the swamps with (your rival) Petitjohn’s bits and pieces.”

“That was you.” 

The booming laugh relaxed Max’s threatening pose. “Not me, personally, no,” he drawled, “but with you, it’d be personal.”

(and the rest of the scene)

Ergonomic leather groaned as Manny leaned back to contemplate his next words the way he would a poker hand. Music pounded up from the matinee show in the ensuing silence until finally he offered, “Were I a betting man, I’d put my money on Brady. He has an old friend in town he’s rather desperate to impress, and from what I gather, she’s no friend of yours.” 


“A shame one can’t depend upon one’s friends . . . or family,” Max drawled, “but then you’d know that, wouldn’t you?” 

The cool jab at the mobster’s wife’s desertion earned a twitch of pressed lips. “No, you can’t,” Carmen gritted out, “but you can shut ′em up.” 

To me, a great villain is one who doesn’t quite look the threatening part . . . until he has a gun at your head . . . as one of our other nefarious characters will discover. From Hans Gruber and Hannibal Lecter to The Usual Suspects and Fight Club, misdirection enhances the danger once the truth is revealed. And I love a good surprise. RISE BY MOONLIGHT is filled with unexpected moments and reveals which is why I had so much fun writing it, and hope you’ll have just as much reading it! Who are the fictional villains who took YOU by surprise? 

I had all sorts of fun during my RISE BY MOONLIGHT blog tour. A BIG thank you to those who hosted, visited, and shared. The winner of my $20 Amazon gift card is . . . Rachel G! 

This summer has disappeared into a haze of isolation and anxiety. Thanks for helping me stay sane(ish), fellow Warriors! I, for one, am glad to get August behind us and to hopefully move on to more positive things!

Happy Writing!!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8sunday posts.

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

#WeWriWa: It’s All About the Villain . . . RISE BY MOONLIGHT #NewRelease

Any story is only as good as its villain, that dark threat that stands in the way of a HEA. I adore a good bad guy for the depth and immediacy they bring to the mix. The greater the obstacle, the more that’s demanded of those who must stand against him/her. How those heroes rise or fall when confronted by evil is the heart of my latest release, RISE BY MOONLIGHT, and none face a greater trial than those who stand against Bram the Beast.

The sons who’d rescued him were terrified in his presence, as they should be. They’d expected reward and position within the world he’d remake upon the ashes of Cale’s ruin but where were these sons when the pretender had him imprisoned? 

He paced the confinement of the strange hotel room while his son Stephen struggled to hide his fear. The old king could smell it, stronger now that Lee, his accomplice, weak link that he was, had been compromised and killed in some sleazy Vegas casino. His life wasn’t as big a loss as the funds he’d been funneling. 

After Cale proclaimed himself their king, they’d waited in spineless trepidation until outsiders—one a coward of no consequence and one a human policeman—approached to make that first overture. He’d listened to their plots and ambitions and waited to learn of his place within them, a king reduced to blunt instrument to be wielded at their will. They expected him to be grateful for his freedom, for their token favors, a compliant pawn in schemes for their betterment, not his. He smiled, baring sharp teeth. 

They didn’t know him. 

(and the rest of the scene . . .)

Their plans weren’t his plans. His began with freedom and now turned to vengeance that would end in his total control.

Of everything.

The deposed king of the House of Terriot clan is one of my favorite villains. Powerful, imposing, ruthless with both enemies and supporters, he ruled his kingdom the way he controlled his twelve sons – with fear and violent demonstration. After the brothers revolt against him and believe they’d locked him away forever, the return of Bram the Beast brings a whole new layer of danger to the “By Moonlight” world. He’s a true shiver-worthy antagonist and I can’t wait to showcase the others who blacken RISE BY MOONLIGHT.

Thanks to all who’ve given shout outs and endorsements for newly released RISE BY MOONLIGHT, the final book in my “By Moonlight” series!! It’s a jungle out there when it comes to getting a new work noticed and with your help, RISE BY MOONLIGHT has collected some pretty awesome reviews.

Looking forward to sharing more from the dark side of the “By Moonlight” world next week and to finding out what you’ve been working on, fellow Warriors! Write On!!

Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8sunday posts.

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