Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Announcing Two New Ventures!

For those wondering why my Blog has been so quiet . . . I’ve been busy! Which leads to my announcements:
With Book 6, SEEKER OF SHADOWS ready to hit the stands in print and e-book on 5/29/12, I’ve contracted with Pocket for two more books in my dark paranormal shape-shifter series for their innovative new E-Exclusive line! That means more books getting to you faster . . . and for a lower price – my publisher has been listening! I just finished my current WIP and am giving it the final edit. Rumor has it, it might even come out this year! Any guesses on who the hero and heroine might be? It’s a pairing that even surprised my editor.
After the tremendous response I received to my January blog series on “Healthy, Wealthy & Wise” I’m launching a new blog site: Weighty Issues with Nancy Gideon! Ever taken off shoes, socks, watch and jewelry at the doctor’s office before getting on the scales (and even held your breath hoping that would suspend a few ounces)? Stood in a dark kitchen by the light of the open refrigerator? Made excuses not to go places that would mean showing your knees and bare arms? Been out of breath having to manually change the channel? Secretly wished you could run over those joggers with their bouncy ponytails? I confess . . . I’m a serial dieter. Join me in my struggle against bad carbs, swimsuit season, and other assorted weighty issues. I’m offering up a main dish of motivation, with sides of recipes and encouragement . . . all fat free and low cal. Visit me for my launch . . . TODAY!


  1. Way to go, Nancy! Your "get 'er done" energy is an inspiration to us all! Big hoorahs! on more
    BY MOONLIGHT books, too.

  2. Your new blog sounds wonderful, and congratulations on all those sales. You are one busy lady.

  3. Wow! Congrats on the sales. You are inspiring.

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome news! I love the By Moonlight books! Will there be another one with Max and Cee Cee as the focus?

  5. I'd LOVE to do another with Max and CC and the chances of that happening are a LOT greater in the e-format.

  6. I'm in! Congrats on the sales, Nancy! Wonderful news! Happy for you!

  7. Protien! Protien! Protien! No carbs. Rosanne