July 2011

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Friday, July 29, 2011

It's your last chance for a daily giveaway. BOUND BY MOONLIGHT is the featured book for today's contest questions. Have fun! All four day's questions will be up through the weekend for anyone who wants to take a final shot at a Kindle. Contest data will be compiled on Monday and the grand prize winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 2.

Yesterday's winner is Holly Collins!

I'm taking a blog-free weekend, shopping over on Lake Michigan in the fabulous artsy conclave at Saugatuck. Then it's the last few revision pages of Book 6 before the copy edits for HUNTER OF SHADOWS get here.

I'll have some new posts, maybe some good news, and a lot more sleep next week. See you then!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today I'm Pocket's last blogger on Border's fabulous True Romance site. How sad to see it go. Stop over and visit and show the site a little fond farewell love at:


It's been so sad over the years watching the decline and disappearance of book stores, first from the malls and now from our cities. I can't imagine a new generation not experiencing the initmate relationship of readers to paper books, the thrill of scanning shelf after shelf, the tactile joy of those glossy covers and the tease of the first page. I love my Kindle app on my IPad, but it will never replace the experience of holding a book. Borders will leave a huge hole in the reading world.

For those who've asked, I'm re-posting the Contest 'rules' on that page, so give them a read. Then play to win (and for fun) with today's questions regarding CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT for a daily giveaway AND a chance to win a Kindle by answering the questions for all four books.

Yesterday's daily winner is Na S.!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And...We're Off!

My contest is up and running. Remember, there are no wrong answers, a miss is as good as a hit. It’s all about having fun. Questions today focus on CHASED BY MOONLIGHT, so stop in and take your pick! A new daily winner will be announced tomorrow. Three days closer to that Kindle… If you’re stopping by for the first time, your answers for yesterday’s “hunt” still count toward the grand prize so pick A-B-C-D so I have the chance to pick YOU!

Yesterday’s daily winner was Jenny Solis!

Today, I’m cruising with the ladies at Riding With the Top Down http://ridingwiththetopdown.wordpress.com, talking about being an ‘80s Girl in a Techie World. Big thanks to Literal Addiction for the fabulous chat last night. You kept me up tooooo late but we sure had fun…if only my new acrylic nails weren’t so dyslexic when it comes to small talk.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It’s an all day party! Win a Kindle, follow a blog tour, join a chat…All sorts of things are going on to celebrate the release day for BOUND BY MOONLIGHT!

Join my party to win daily prizes over the next four days with a chance to win a Kindle (or Amazon gift certificate)! Details are on the Contest page. Have you read the series? Are you a good guesser? Jump in for fun!

I’m also partying on several blog sites today: 
And (!) I’ll be featured on a Blog Tour c/o Pocket/Gallery Books at the following sites: 
Have a great day, and I hope to see you on one or all of the above sites!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pre-Release Day Panic . . .

It’s like waiting to hear the results from a series of job interviews.

You’ve done your best. You’ve put yourself out there. You’ve flashed your resume credentials, given your references, talked a good talk with your professional face on. Your support system is behind you cheering, bolstering your confidence. But it boils down to one final point that you have absolutely no control over, no way to second guess:

Will they like me? Will they really, really like me?

It’s like showing your new baby to a room full of strangers.

You think your baby is the most beautiful child ever created. You’ve pampered it throughout the gestation stages: through morning sickness (Do I really have to get up at 5:00 a.m…), through swollen ankles (where to cut that bloated prose?), basked in the joy of watching it grow from tiny seed to able to survive on its own, through the agony of childbirth (waiting to hear from agent/editor…) And finally it arrives . . . and the public has its first look.

Please don’t let them say my baby is ugly!

Not everyone is going to have a place for what you have to offer no matter how good your skill set is. Not everyone sees beauty through the same eyes.

So you wait and try not to worry, try not to dwell on worse case scenarios. You philosophically tell yourself it is what it is, it’s too late to change anything.

While I wait, I’ve decided to think like a political candidate…win or lose, I’m having a party.

Tomorrow, BOUND BY MOONLIGHT, the fourth book in my dark paranormal By Moonlight series arrives in stores and ready for electronic download. To take my mind off reviews, I’m celebrating not only my new book, but the entire series to date. I’m sending you on a four-day, book-by-book scavenger hunt starting tomorrow with MASKED BY MOONLIGHT. How well do you remember what you’ve read? How fast can you thumb to find a reference? How good a guesser are you? Each day, I’ll post four multiple choice questions on the Contest page from the categories “He said/She said,” “Accessories make the Man/Woman,” “You Look Marvelous,” “Always the Bridesmaid-secondary characters,” “Places, Everyone,” or “Scene of the Crime” that relate to the book of the day. A participant will be chosen at random each day to win a BOUND BY MOONLIGHT book thong:
And on August 2, a grand prize winner will be picked from those who have played each day . . . to win a Kindle (or Amazon gift card).

To tease you, I’ve got a book excerpt posted on http://paranormalityuniverse.blogspot.com/.

Also, exciting news: 788 Goodreads members signed up for a chance to win a copy of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT. Ten winners were chosen and are posted on Goodreads.

Check back tomorrow for all sorts of fun ways to help me celebrate Release Day…and to keep my mind off the wait.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Somehow the name BOOK 6-UNTITLED doesn’t inspire me, but the story waiting in the manuscript pages on the footstool behind me is one I can’t wait to get back into. Revisions to make the book tighter and stronger are on my To Do List for this weekend. Even though there’s an entire year between my weekend rendezvous with Jacques LaRoche (sigh!) and his appearance on the shelves next July, I’ll try to whet your anticipation . . .

Start helping me think of titles that go with OF SHADOWS. BORN OF SHADOWS was a perfect fit because the book involves a woman from Jacques’s past who stole his memories, but Sherrilyn Kenyon must have snuck into my psyche to borrow it for her latest book. Oh, well, July 2012 is a long ways away.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Launch day for RBAON was full of excitement and behind the scene scurrying to fix problems with the Comment button, but things will smooth out as time progresses.

Before I go any farther, I have two HUGE thank-you shout outs: to Patricia Lazarus, graphic designer and book cover artist extraordinaire who did the graphics and background for my site, and to my virtual assistant (!) My Girl Friday who made my fondest OCD wishes magically appear on the pages. You ladies ROCK!

Because I’m OCD, I have to work with a list, so here’s my outline for what I’d like to do with Romance By Any Other Name to keep you coming back for more…

Besides random posts, I plan to have a loose (probably VERY loose) structure for content that goes like this:

All About Me Monday featuring photos, quotes, travels, report cards, jobs, organizations, what I’m watching/reading/crushing on at the moment.

Tips and Technique Tuesday with things for the writing professional on topics such as Social Media, virtual assistants, help corner, tech tools and traumas, writing tips, career paths, trends, idols, and polls.

WIP Wednesday dishing on current project updates, sneak peeks, character photos, reviews, and playlists.

Free PR Friday because what goes around, comes around, and there are a lot of folks out there who have been very generous to me. I’ll be showcasing guest blogs, interviews with editors, agents, publishing professionals, and some of your favorite (and soon-to-be new favorite!) authors as well as a chance for them to, as we say in our MMRWA chapter, Toot Their Own Horns.

I take weekends off! That’s when I do most of my writing and catch up on my Netflix (but I might be rethinking them). Like I said the above will be a loose outline so don’t expect to see things posted like clockwork for a while, especially until release week is behind me.

So, what are you looking forward to on Romance By Any Other Name?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Fellow Writers and Readers!

I hope you’ll find Romance . . . by Any Other Name a new place to gather for news, information, and fun!

To celebrate the launch of my blog . . . and the release of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT, the fourth book in my dark paranormal series for Pocket, I’ve decided to share the excitement with a mega contest . . . I’m giving away a Kindle (or if you already have one, a comparable Amazon.com gift certificate)! And you’ll have fun working for it during a four-day scavenger hunt beginning on the release day of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT: July 26, 2011. There’ll be daily prizes as well to keep you motivated. Go to my Contest page for details.

The upcoming weeks will be filled with places to go and prizes to win, so check back frequently to find out where I’ll be (kind of a Where’s Waldo Nancy? adventure!) for blog tours, Q&As, sneak peek excerpts, articles and . . . best of all, giveaways! I’m visiting some wonderful places so pack lightly, bring snacks, and get ready for the trip. I’ll provide the GPS.

For GoodReads friends (maybe it’s time you became a GoodReads member!), Pocket is helping me give away 10 copies of BOUND BY MOONLIGHT between July 18 and July 24. Winners will be announced here on July 25. Visit my Author Page on GoodReads for details.

Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about all the things we’ll be doing together!

Check in tomorrow for my overview of what you’ll find here on R-BAON!

For more about me and my books, visit my website: 

Happy Monday!