Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting a New ‘Baby’ Out of the Nest!

School’s back in session bringing the frustration of following the minivan caravan as Moms cart their little ones off to those first weeks. Corners are crowded with anxious mamas clutching at the hands of their backpack-wearing babies as they enter an unknown and scary new world. And I’m thinking that’s the way it feels as Release Day approaches. You’ve nurtured and groomed and prepared, but that final step to letting go never gets any easier. You want to hang on . . . just a little bit longer. There are last minute things you want to rush to do to ease that transition. You want to stick close and hover in case your protection is needed. But in the end, you have to just trust and open your hand . . . and let go.

My new baby is getting ready for that first day.

I’ve never published non-fiction before. Sure, I’ve written articles that have been featured in national magazines. I’ve done tons of speaking engagements. I’ve written a mind-boggling number of promotional and informational blogs, but this is a Big First Step. A book about something close to my heart that I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into, about something I’m proud to boast of and share. Writing. Career. The business of a writing career. I want to hold onto that hard-won knowledge and keep it close, but then I think of my first wobbly steps into publication with no one there to hold my hand and to help guide me across that busy and often dangerous intersection . . .

Here’s my hand. Follow me into the fast lane of promotion and social media. I promise I won’t let go as we reach the busy intersections of budgeting time and money, public speaking, blog tours, swag and networking. We’ll take it a block at a time together.

This is me getting ready to let go . . .

More about that walk on Wednesday as we approach the September 23, 2011 release of Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers.

What things do you wish you knew more about when it comes to self-promotion and Social Media?

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  1. Here's my hand in yours, Nancy! I know your non-fiction will go off without a hitch :)