Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Ready for the Birth of a New Book . . .

A new book release is like the birth of a child. It takes months and months of development. Varying degrees of pain and discomfort are involved. It can get messy. But the anticipation outweighs all the worries . . . if you plan ahead!

In the first trimester, you’re in the early stages. You go from your finished manuscript to revisions to line edits, each progressing toward the viable final stage which seems unreal and so very far away. As you discuss names, you realize it’s really going to happen! You get a definite pub date and you start watching the calendar. Then the queasiness kicks in as you start to wait.

The second trimester is when things start to stir. You view the first rendering of your cover. It’s beautiful even without the quotes and teasers. You get your promotional materials printed, decide on your PR campaign, start setting up interviews, reviews and a blog tour. Your galleys arrive and you feel a pinch of separation anxiety because your baby is getting ready to leave your control.

The third trimester arrives and suddenly you’re stressed and grouchy. Part of you can’t wait for the delivery and the other panics because there’s so much to do! As the days wind down, you start a frantic nesting, getting all your articles written, sending out Social Media announcements, and you pray for no last minute complications. You only have a short while to cradle your precious author copies close before you have to display your baby to the world. Then it’s time . . .

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement!


  1. Great comparison, Nancy, labor pains and all. Eager for tomorrow's "birth" announcement.

  2. Loralee's right. Two processes we can relate to. Funny how we always seem to forget the pain and enjoy the results.

    Congrats on another one, Nancy!