Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Makes a Good Read?

Ever wonder what makes one book a Keeper and the other a DNF? Join me at Fresh Fiction and share your thoughts for a chance to win a copy of SEEKER OF SHADOWS as part of my Release Week blog tour. Make sure you check out the full review they did for SoS—it’s awesome!

What a great launch day yesterday! Reviews started popping up all over the place but the best news came right before I left for work in an e-mail from my editor: SEEKER OF SHADOWS has gone back to press for a second printing!! Woo Hoo! And this, on the first day it’s available.

I’d just come down from that great news on the way home when I fired up my home office laptop to see another even BETTER e-mail. My editor, the fabulous Micki Nuding LOVED my initial draft manuscript for BETRAYED BY SHADOWS ( the next book in the series coming out 12-18-12) so much we’re skipping right over the revision stage to go to copy edits . . . and better yet, I get paid! Anyone who lives on those sporadic writer’s checks can understand my excitement.

And then . . . e-mail this morning. Rush call for a title for my current obsessive Work in Progress. Book 8 is now officially PRINCE OF SHADOWS.

Sorry for the hyperventilation. Back to work!


  1. Ilook forward to the new book. Release date yet?

  2. Such awesome news deserves awesome celebration! Hope you have a wonderful day up there on Cloud Nine! You sooo deserve it all.

  3. Wonderful news! I'd be hyperventilating, too. Congratulatinos!

  4. Hyperventilating is perfectly understandable. What a day! So happy for your great news.

  5. Congrats, Nancy. So glad you keep turning out so many great stories.All the best, Annette

  6. Congratulations! Things seem to be going well. Hope you have much success and that things are continuing to go well. :) Yeah for you!