Twenty Questions Tuesday with Author Jennifer Lowery

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Twenty Questions Tuesday with Author Jennifer Lowery

Even after 25-odd years in the biz, I still go all fan girl when it comes to talking to people who’ve written books I love. One of the best things about being an author is getting to MEET authors and getting to share them with other readers. I figure you can find their bios anyplace. You can read their book blurbs on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. But what about those juicy, fun, personal factoids? I’ve got the latest dish!

It’s the MOST fun to share NEW authors! Jennifer Lowery is a member of my Mid-Michigan chapter of Romance Writers of America and it’s always a thrill when one of our home girls gets that first sale. Jennifer recently had not only “The Call” for her first book sale, but a special birthday gift with the sale of book number two! So I’m putting her on the spot today with Twenty Questions and giving you a look at her first book, HARD CORE (Is that cover hard to take or what?!) which I’m currently in the middle of reading. Type A heroes don’t get much better!

Getting to Know Your Favorite (or soon to be Favorite!) Writer

Getting to know you:

1. Spa day or gym workout?

Gym workout! Although I haven’t been there in a while. Need to get back to it!

2. Night owl or early bird?

Early bird all the way! I’m in bed by 9:30 every night, lol. Staying up late has always been difficult for me.

3. Five words you use to describe yourself:

Shy. Introvert. Creative. Compassionate. Homebody.

4. Things that make you want to go “EEEEEEK!”


5. If I had a free afternoon, I’d . . .

Go to a bookstore and spend the day lounging with a cup of coffee.

6. What music are you listening to?

Mostly rock. I love listening to Octane.

7. What’s on your Bucket List?

Ireland and Scotland! I would love to stay in a castle!

8. Something quirky about you that no one knows (we won’t tell anyone!)

Oh boy! I can’t write if my house isn’t clean! Yeah, I know. I’m a little OCD. Thank goodness I have a wonderful family who helps keep the house clean so it doesn’t take much of my morning to pick up!

The Written Word:

9. Favorite type of hero (Type A bad boy or Type B good guy) Which would you rather live with?

I love Type A heroes in my books, but I much prefer to live with a Type B.

10. What type of fiction heroine would you be? Jane Eyre or Lara Croft?

I would love to be Lara Croft! But I am so Jane Eyre.

11. Favorite genre to read? (Is it what you write?)

Romantic Suspense is my favorite genre to read and yep, that’s what I write! It took me many years to find my voice and genre!

12. What would you love to write that you haven’t?

I would love to write a historical someday! I grew up reading them and if I could do the research I would so write one! Love those Scottish highlanders J

13. What are you reading right now?

Hot Zone by Catherine Mann. It’s great!

14. Favorite books you can read over and over?

Debra Dixon’s, Goal, Motivation and Conflict! Love that book!

A Writer’s Life:

15. OCD plotter or free range pantser?

Surprisingly, given my OCD nature, I’m a free range pantser! I’ve learned to trust my process, but it’s hard!

16. Which was easier to get, agent or editor?

An editor. I tried for 10 years to get an agent.

17. Do you have a set writing schedule?

Nope. I write when I can. I have found that sprinting works very well for me.

18. Solo muse or critique partner(s)?

I have a fabulous critique partner! I found her last year but I wish I’d found her sooner!

19. How do you get in the mood to write ‘those’ scenes?

I have to wait until I’m in the mood, lol! Usually I write “Insert love scene here”and go back to it when the time is right! I’m laughing with you J

20. When can we get your next book and what’s it all about?

Ah, Murphy’s Law! My 2006 Golden Heart finalist! The story of my heart. I can’t wait for you to meet Murphy, my lost soul, wounded warrior. It’s due to be released in March of 2013 from Lyrical Press!  

Hard Core
Romantic Suspense

Barnes & Noble
Lyrical Press
Publisher: Lyrical Press
ISBN-10: 1616503823
ISBN-13: 978-1616503826

He takes lives. She saves them.

A supposedly hassle-free job for mercenary Cristian Slade becomes a mission of mercy when he saves a life instead of taking one. Slade's new mission might be his most dangerous yet, because the danger is to his heart.

Tragedy has sent esteemed surgeon Alana O'Grady to a remote a remote Nicaraguan island where she immerses herself in the lives of a native American tribe, using her talents for goodwill instead of wealth and prestige. But life turns upside down when her work requires she protect a rugged mercenary who commands her attention when she's awake and dominates her dreams while she sleeps.

Doctoring Cristian puts her entire tribe in danger from the man who's hunting him. Is it her professional oath or her unprofessional attraction to him keeping her from sending him away to heal on his own? Alana's fire warms Cristian's heart, but he's a hardened assassin and has no business falling for someone like her. Can they fight hard enough to keep what they might have together?

Content Warning: Sexual content.


Prepared to start an IV, she picked up a needle. She had it in position when his other arm shot out and he clamped her wrist in a bone-crushing grip. Startled, she met his panicked gaze.

“I said no needles.”

Her heart banged against her ribcage as she let the needle slip out of her hand. It hit the floor with a small ting. Alana opened her hands in surrender, her patient’s fingers digging into her flesh. For a man half-dead, he had amazing strength.

“Okay,” she said to placate him. “Relax, I don’t have it anymore. It’s your choice, but I recommend you let me start an IV for meds.”

“No. Just fix me.”

Alana pinned him with a no nonsense stare. “I’m not impressed with Superman heroics.”

Face pale and drawn, he said gruffly, “I’m not Superman. Learned not to trust people with needles.”

Her fingers were going numb. “If I remove the bullet without pain medication or anesthetic, you’re going to be sorry.”

He studied her. “You’re really a doctor?”

Alana bristled. “Technically, yes.”


She didn’t have time to explain herself with the amount of blood seeping from his gunshot wound. “I went to med school. You can let go of my arm now. I won’t use any needles.”

He looked down and immediately released his grip. She rubbed her wrist to soothe away the ache. “Can I get to work now, or do you want to question me more about my credentials while you bleed to death? I don’t have a blood bank, so you’re screwed if you lose too much.”

Her blunt statement received a curt nod. She normally didn’t talk to her patients like that. Her patients didn’t normally countermand her either.

“Do it,” he said.

“Without anesthetics?”

“I don’t need them. Just get it over with.”

Stubborn, stupid, or both? Insane, yes, but there wasn’t time to argue with him.

“Okay. The offer stands if you change your mind.”

“I won’t.”

She doubted that, but didn’t comment. Instead, wiped her forehead with her forearm, and picked up gauze pads to clean the wound.

“Here goes,” she warned and dabbed his skin.

Her patient didn’t move or even wince as she cleaned the angry wound. Either he had a will of steel or he’d passed out again. Hopefully, the latter. Sweat rolled down her back as she finished cleansing the area around the bullet entry. Red flesh puckered with the first signs of infection. In this environment infection was guaranteed.

With a steady hand that would have made her father proud, she picked up her instruments and took a deep breath.

“You still with me?”

He murmured a response, turning his head slightly so he could see her. The stark beauty of his profile, despite the bruises, struck her again. The lines of his face were chiseled, unforgiving. The kind of man she’d glance at twice if she passed him on the street.

A man associated with a criminal.

“Still here, Doc. What are you waiting for?” Husky with pain, his deep voice brought her out of her thoughts.

She gave herself a mental shake. “Want something to bite down on?”

A small, wry smile touched his lips and his lids closed. “You won’t hear a peep out of me. Just fix me, Doc.”

“I can hit you so you’ll sleep through it,” she muttered.

That drew a low chuckle from him. She didn’t expect him to have a sense of humor. He seemed too…hard. His chuckle turned into a grunt of pain. “You probably hit like a girl.”

Alana grinned. “Yes, I do. Rest assured it won’t feel like it.”

“Appreciate the offer, but, no.” His words slurred together, his muscles tense as he fought his body’s demands.

“You got a name, Superman?”

His head rolled to the side, his chest rose and fell slowly. She thought he was out but he murmured, “Cristian.”

“Nice to meet you, Cristian.”

Then she dug into the wound for the bullet.

Author Bio: Jennifer Lowery grew up reading romance novels in the back of her math book and on the bus to school, and never wanted to be anything but a writer. Her summers were spent sitting at the kitchen table with her sisters spinning tales of romance and intrigue and always with a tall glass of ice tea at their side.

Today, Jennifer is living that dream and she couldn’t be happier to share her passion with her readers. She loves everything there is about romance. Her stories feature alpha heroes who meet their match with strong, independent heroines. She believes that happily ever after is only the beginning of her stories. And the road to that happy ending is paved with action, adventure, and romance. As her characters find out when they face danger, overcome fears, and are forced to look deep within themselves to discover love.

Jennifer lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. When she isn’t writing she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Find Jennifer:


  1. nice interview. im just over half way through Hard Core, and loving every page, christian is a marvellous hero. i wish Jennifer all the best with this superb book.

    1. Aw, you are the sweetest, Julie!! Thanks so much!!

  2. I read this book in one day. Could not put it down! Congradulations on your debut book! Can't wait for more!

    1. Aw, thanks, Michel! That's awesome! You're making my dream come true hearing that! Thank you! Thank you!!

  3. Great interview, Jennifer and Nancy. Hard Core is on my Kindle TBR list. Cheers on the 5-stars! Can't wait to read it.

    1. Thanks so much, Loralee!! I hope you enjoy it!!

  4. Thanks so having me here today, Nancy!! I'm so excited to be here!!

  5. Fantastic interview - love how your house has to be clean to write - could you come over to my house and write????

    1. LOL, Victoria!! You make the coffee or tea and I'm there :) Thanks!!

  6. Hi, Jennifer and Nancy! Great interview...Jennifer your book is on my e-reader just waiting for some down time. Good luck with it!!

    1. Awesome, Kristina!! My TBR pile is growing by the day too :) Thank you!!

  7. Fantastic interview, ladies! I learned a whole lot about you I didn't know, Jennifer. Can't wait to sink my teeth into Hard Core!

    1. Thanks, Jenna!! Hope you enjoy it!!

  8. Love the 20 questions approch to the interview!

    1. Thanks, Carin!! It was a lot of fun filling out Nancy's interview!!

  9. The first book my mother read in the English language was Jane Eyre. I still have her copy with written notes in the margins. :) LOVE your book HARD CORE!!

    1. That's awesome, Sheri!! A book to keep forever!! Thanks :)

  10. Great interview and I can't wait to read this, Jennifer. And I'm with you, must have a clean house to write. Yeah! What a great family you have to pitch in.


    1. Thanks, Teresa!! I'm pretty lucky :) My family is great!

  11. Very good interview. Love those 20 questions. They really reveal a lot. Jennifer, as you can tell, we're all so thrilled for you. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thanks so much, Diane!! I had so much fun with Nancy's interview!!

  12. Very awesome interview, ladies. So very happy for you Jennifer. That's fantastic your second book was picked up on your birthday. How exciting!

    1. It was the best birthday ever!! Thanks so much, Melissa!!