20 Questions: Getting to Know Your Favorite (or soon to be Favorite!) Writer

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

20 Questions: Getting to Know Your Favorite (or soon to be Favorite!) Writer

The best part about being a critique partner is getting to watch the creative process that goes into building a really good book. I’ve been peeking over Vicki’s shoulder for years, watching her grow as a writer, watching her characters and plotlines mature, and now I finally get to share what I’ve known all along . . . she knows how to tell a story! She’s debuting here as Victoria Craven with Immortal Love, which has a bit of everything I adore as a reader: a strong heroine determined to help her people survive and prosper, a dark, hot hero who can slay his enemies but can’t seem to control the female he’s forced to marry or the emotions she stirs within him, a medieval backdrop (squee!), intrigue and a shiver of a ghost story. I’m thrilled to introduce you to a brand new author!! I’ll let Vicki tell you a bit about herself . . . then rush over and buy her book!

20 Questions: Getting to Know Your Favorite (or soon to be Favorite!) Writer 

Getting to know you: 

1. Party dress or blue jeans? I’m a party dress kind of person. Like a child dressing up in mother’s clothes. I love my 4 inch heels. No matter how old I get I’m not giving them up.

2. TV at home or movie theater? I love snuggling with my husband and watching TV at home. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to put on a bra, and I don’t have to wear make-up.

3. Five words your friends use to describe you: This is a hard one but I think they would say “loyal, sister, happy, thoughtful, nice” Maybe I should have picked a different question.

4. Other creative outlets? Crochet. I know what you’re thinking. You would rather watch paint dry, but it’s my way of kicking back and relaxing while creating something for my friends and family.

5. If I had a free afternoon, I’d ______ I would hunker down and read a book. The only problem with that is once I start a book I want to finish it. I get real bitchy when I can’t. I want to go to bed early just so I can finish it. My grandson has different ideas. He thinks grandma should stay up and play with him. Duty calls.

6. Three favorite movies? Fifth Element, Expendables, and Avengers. I love action movies. No sappy girl stuff for me.

7. What’s on your Bucket List? To go to Europe. Money and a passport would be helpful. I would love to see Rome.

8. Gourmet cook or take out? My husband and I share a love for cooking. We love having people over and cook for them. We know we’ve done a good job when we get the “Wow! Best dish ever.”

9. Your first kiss . . . My first kiss was when I was 13. It was awkward and messy, but I still managed to get a lot of practice in.

The Written word:

10. Favorite type of hero (Type A bad boy or Type B good guy) Which would you rather live with? Of course I love the good guy. I’m married to the best.

11. What type of fiction heroine would you be? Jane Eyre or Lara Croft? I love a good fight scene where women are strong and can kick ass. I would have to say my favorite fictional character would be Jennifer Garner in Alias. She can kick the hell of the bad guy.

12. Favorite genre to read? Paranormal. I love an author’s creativity. I wish I had secret powers.

13. What would you love to write that you haven’t? A mystery. The intrigue is so exciting. It’s a genre I would like to try and not suck at it.

14. What are you reading right now? J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. “The Goblet of Fire” It is amazing that she can write an entire book that is in Harry Potter’s point of view.

15. Favorite books you can read over and over: Harry Potter series. I never get tired of it. I’m just a kid at heart, even though the mirror says otherwise.

A Writer’s Life:

16. OCD plotter or free range pantser? Pantser. I fly by the seat of my pants. I like the story to unfold. The most amazing things happen.

17. Which is easier, the synopsis or the book? The book is by far the easiest thing to write. It is really hard to condense an entire book in just a few pages. Editors are sadists to make you do that.

18. First person you call when you get a sale: My sister gets the first call. We are very close and we celebrate every success.

19. Solo muse or critique partner(s)? I need my critique partners. When I’m stumped they help me out of the ditch.

20. When can we get your next book and what’s it all about?

Nancy: Since Vicki is in a rush – getting ready to move will do that to you! – I’ll answer this one for her. If you love Immortal Love (and you will!), get ready for more! She’s got two additional books in the series almost ready to go featuring Erik and Randolf. And a kick butt serial killer suspense with the best villain ever that I’m DYING to get my hands on. 

Immortal Love
by Victoria Craven

Published by Tell-Tale Publishing

Though he's fought in hundreds of battles in a dozen countries, Dominick the Immortal has never known defeat. Now the King has given him his greatest challenge, to become the Lord of Godwin, and marry its lady, Eleanor.

Upon meeting her, he is instantly attracted to the green-eyed beauty, but angered by the King’s order she vows she will never love him.

Dominick could see spirits of the dead his entire life, but after his capture during the Crusades he closed his mind to the tortured souls that were left to wander in eternal darkness. The door remained closed until the strong spirit of a woman broke through his barrier and warned him that Eleanor was in danger. Dominick had one more battle to wage, winning the lady’s heart.

Nearly succumbing to her greatest enemy after long months of
bloody siege, Eleanor sends a messenger to beg for the King’s help. He is her last hope of saving her beloved Godwin and its people. Eleanor gets more than she bargained for. Decreed by the King, her savior is to become her husband.

Raised by an abusive father whose vile behavior led to her mother’s death, Eleanor vows that she will love no man. Yet Dominick is like no other man she has ever met. Unexpectedly, she finds that the legendary warrior has both honor and compassion. Losing her resolve, she must face her greatest fear, losing her heart.


Victoria Craven discovered her love for story-telling in her sophomore year of high school.
Those teenage adventures always had a romantic happy ending, and they still do today, whether she’s writing thrilling contemporary suspense or paranormal historical romance.

Having lived most of her life in Western Michigan, Victoria relocated to the suburbs of Chicago where she lives with her husband, who is the love of her life. She has three beautiful daughters, and two toddler grandsons who keep her busy.

Supported by her friends and family, she left a career as a media account executive to pursue a career doing what she’s passionate about, writing happy endings that she can share with others. Her first paranormal historical romance was recently purchased by Tell-Tale Publishing and will be released in 2012.

When Victoria isn’t writing or revising, she is playing with her grandsons or curled up with a good book and a vat of hot chocolate.

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  1. So excited for the release of Immortal Love, Vicki! Your talent shines on every page. Fast-paced action, intrigue, deeply emotional characters who burst off the pages...this story has it all. Congratulations!

  2. Love your answers to Nancy's questions, Vicki! So happy for you on your debut release. Wishing you much success.

  3. Hi Vicki, and Congrats on the new release! May it be just the first of many. I enjoyed the interview