Sunday, June 21, 2015

Heat Wave GIVEAWAY Hop!

Nothing like winning cool things when the weather heats up . That’s why a group of author/blogger friends and I have banded together to fan the flames of summer with FREE stuff any romance reader would love.

There’s nothing I like better on those long, lazy days off than a cool drink and a hot book. You provide the beverage of choice and I’ll help with the reading material by offering a $10 Amazon gift card. What’s your pleasure? A romantic beach read? An adventurous trip through history? Suspense to chill your blood when the humidity rises? A walk on the paranormal dark side in the middle of that sunny day? Take your pick. Start by entering below.

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Don’t forget to visit all the Hop sites for your best chance to collect sizzling prizes! The contest runs from June 21st to 28th.

To pour on the heat, here’s a freebie sample from my dark paranormal Shape-shifter romance UNLEASHED BY SHADOWS, now in final edits . . .

The well-dressed crowd pushed as close as they dared, high on the adrenalin thrill and raw violence. Anticipation electrified the air, a pheromone compliment to the blood already shed. Even knowing what they were about to see, having experienced the jolt, the shock, the wild intoxication of it during the first two rounds, the concept was still unique enough to spike feverish excitement. The illegal factor brought some. The chance of watching mortal combat enticed others. But the whisper, just the glimmer of possibility that what they were seeing wasn’t staged reeled them and their fat wallets in and held them captive. 

Lights in the dressage ring went dim, bringing those in the bleachers to their feet so they could see over the mob straining against the fence. A deafening cry rose from the spectators as spotlights swirled and finally fixed upon two massive figures loping out into the center of the ring. Breaths caught in amazement as light glinted off the feral red of their eyes and glittered in the strings of drool threading off ferocious fangs. The hunched shoulders, thick with muscle, matted with bristling hair, claw-tipped hands curled and ready to shred anything within reach belonged in a Sci-Fi movie or circus freak show. Animals, monstrous and dangerous . . . at first glance. Until amazed eyes traveled down those heaving chests to Wrangler jeans and work boots still mudded from the docks. 

Not animals. But not men, either. 

Was it just amazing theater presented for the exclusive few? The audience didn’t care. The carnage was genuine. The chance to wager and win big real. 

The pair paused instead rushing forward to lock in battle. Waiting. The arena grew quiet as shaggy heads lifted to test the thick air as if the heavy breeze conveyed an unsettling message. They began to growl and weave warily, not liking what they scented. The spectators stained to see. 

But the figure striding boldly into the ring to meet the two behemoths wasn’t fierce or frightening in look or attitude. The cocky strut, the taunting grin, the sleek gleam of tanned flesh on brawny arms. Just a man? 

The beasts drew back in confusion, looking toward handlers who stood in the shadows, not sure what to do when confronted with such a vulnerable opponent. But the slight figure showed no hesitation as he flung fists high as the first hard rocking chords of “Fire Your Guns” shattered the humid air. 

Chanting started small and built like a squall out on the Gulf, rolling in louder and louder. 

“Gunslinger! Gunslinger!” 

The fighter responded to their cries with a sudden echoing roar. His hands gripped the front of his tee shirt as his head fell back, and he was lost within a flash of dazzling light. And when blinking eyes adjusted, they went wide to see standing in the small human’s stead a creature covered in a thick red-gold pelt, lupine features lifted in a savage howl. 

Right. Before. Their. Eyes. 

Same clothing. Same black armband. Same widely planted stance. As if he’d transformed from man to beast right in front of them! 

And the audience went wild.

Happy Summer (if it ever stops raining here in Michigan!)


  1. On an energetic hot day, I'd love to go swimming, sauna, and swim again.
    On a lazy hot day, I'd sit on the balcony on my hammock next to an iced tea reading any of Sylvia Day novels.

  2. Love your excerpt, Nancy. Holy you-know-what! I have got to read this one!

  3. Really enjoyed reading the excerpt, thank you!

  4. During the summer I love reading while enjoying the lovely air conditioning - it's way too hot in Central Florida to go outside during the day. In the late afternoon I'll enjoy a nice long walk around the neighborhood, then cool off with a jump in the pool. :D

  5. Another fast ride filled with chills and thrills! Can't wait to read it!

  6. Vivid excerpt! Good luck with the edits and thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Omg!! loved the excerpt and having fun going from site to site.

  8. I love paranormal read at the beach!

  9. I don't really change my reading material in the summer. I enjoy "beach" reads year round since I read for escapism. Right now though, I'm more inclined towards cozy mysteries.

  10. sounds like a fun one! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  11. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Love reading during the summer, both inside and outside on my deck and in my garden!