Writing Weekend Warriors: New Release!! It’s all in the excerpts . . .

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Writing Weekend Warriors: New Release!! It’s all in the excerpts . . .

That exciting moment when all the long hours, back and shoulder aches, eye strain, frustration, and rampant insecurities culminate in a huge sigh of relief – the new book is out! Okay, moment over. Back to long hours, back and shoulder aches, eye strain, frustration and rampant insecurities getting that promotion machine in gear. Such is the writing life cycle. Let me introduce, back in circulation after a 15 years interment, MIDNIGHT KISS . . .
It was dangerous folly for him to hold her. He knew it, yet he couldn’t resist. So warm and sweet, so filled with the pulsing of life, she nestled into him like a trusting kitten, shivering weakly, clinging with surprising strength. 

He lowered his face into the untidy spill of her dark hair, so soft, smelling of some crisp spring herb. He nuzzled those glossy tresses, nudging without real purpose until he found himself at her bared throat. Sleek and fair. Vulnerable. Drawn to the rapid beat channeling down that slender column, he pressed his mouth against it, feeling the beat of life beckoning seductively. His eyes rolled and drifted shut, and his hunger rose, cleverly disguised as pas­sion.
Is this enough to convince you to sink your teeth in and enjoy?

Aside from the cover and the back cover copy, excerpts from your work are its strongest selling point (that’s why I LOVE this hop!). When I’m in the process of proof reading, I do double duty by earmarking scenes for potential excerpts, both short and long, and save them in a PR file so when I need to show a sample from the book, I have multiple choices. This bit of wisdom after years of last minute thumbing through 400-500 pages in search of one or two paragraphs! I try to find different types of scenes – some showing tension, some dialogue, some action, some just plain sizzle to fit various types of audiences (some require PG, some a blowtorch!). Being prepared keeps this generally lazy author from periodic fits of mad scrambling.

Back to the long hours, back and shoulder aches, etc.

Hunt or be hunted . . . A centuries old obsession stalks a noble family fighting to hide their dark secret from an ever-changing world. Sink your teeth into Nancy Gideon's Touched by Midnight series.


Miss Arabella Howland is content forgo the London marriage mill to assist her father in his research, especially when it comes to his intriguing patient, Louis Radman. But it’s not long before Bella’s curiosity alerts her to the danger of her father’s work . . . and to the fact that Louis is not who or whathe seems.


After centuries struggling with his vile existence, Louis Radman will soon be free of his affliction, thanks to his very capable physician. Unfortunately, his heart is less secure around the man’s tempting daughter. His yearning to walk in the light once more is complicated by his desire for the delightful Bella, who is as intelligent as she is fearless. But if history has taught him anything, it’s not to tempt fate.


Still, happiness has a price and Louis is soon reminded that mortality comes with unfortunate limitations. To protect his new bride, he must face the demons from his past who wish to pull him back into their vampiric fold.

Yet, if he’s forced to return to his midnight world, will he lose his beloved Bella forever? 

Weekend Writing Warriors is weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Share an 8 to 10 sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their #8sunday posts.

Have a great writing week!!


  1. Wow, love this book! Also really like the excerpt advice...always be prepared! You must have been a boy scout leader!

  2. Cub Scouts actually . . . for about 8 years!

  3. Very nice excerpt ... but what struck me most forcefully was the single moment you gave yourself to savour your book release before charging on to the next project. Ain't it the truth!

    1. LOL! There's always that next great thing waiting . . .

  4. Great snippet! Very romantic and seductive, with a hint of danger. Will he give in to temptation or not?! Congratulations on your release!

  5. this reminds me of why I loved a good vampire romance.

  6. OMG! Is that the new cover? LOVE it!!!!!! To quote you, "squeeeeeee"

  7. Great scene. Pulled me right in. Dangerously seductive! Love the cover by the way!
    Congrats on the new release!

  8. Congratulations, Nancy, welcome back Midnight Kiss.
    Sizzling tension in this snip.

  9. Enjoyed the excerpt, classic vampire romance in the best sense of the term. Best wishes with the release! (And the next release, and the next....)

  10. He certainly wants to sink his teeth in... passionately.