December 2015

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

WWW: A Season of Plenty . . . of Things To Do!

With my move looming and the holidays crowding in, I’ve been scrambling to get everything taken care of . . . sometimes by combining tasks. Since I’m also over at Literary Escapism today as part in their uber fun Black Friday month-long event (where you take characters from your books and place them into the middle of shopping madness—this is my third year and I LOVE it!), I decided to multitask and use a section of my story for my WWW 10 lines featuring my WIP couple. The scene may not be in the book . . . but it could fit in nicely.

Here’s how my hero and heroine from PRINCE OF HONOR would deal with Black Friday in the middle of chapter three:
“Aren’t you carrying your princely House of Terriot gold card?” Sylvia’s chiding retort offered no warning as she turned to him with a cat-in-tasty-cream smile and the sizzling double entendre, “Remember, you get what you pay for.” 

What was he thinking? What was he thinking with? Sylvia Terriot had been entrusted into his care by his king, his only duty getting her safely and securely to their mountain compound, not horizontal in the closest hotel room. 

As if unaware of his moral dilemma, Sylvia passed the clerk her choice of drool-worthy undergarments, a pair of slim black jeans and a stretchy red top that took no imagination at all to envision hugging her tempting curves. “I’d like to try these on.” 

Seeing the clerk’s gaze widened as it followed the chain from her cuffed wrist to his, Sylvia laughed, unconcerned, then leaned close to whisper, “Consider it like one of those bungie cord things that parents use to keep track of their children in crowds.” She winked, letting a sultry glance slide up Turow’s inseam and torso to flirt with his round-eyed stare as she added, “Only for consenting adults.” 

Forget the hotel—the dressing room would do!

If you want to read the entire scene, join me over on Literary Escapism. Check out the other awesome stories while you’re there!

Since I’ll be unpacking and settling in next weekend, I wish everyone here the Happiest of Holidays!!

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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

IWSG: Moving on Down the Road

They say the five most stressful events in life are: childbirth, death in the family, moving, loss of job and divorce. I guess that makes me an expert across the board. What I wanted for Christmas certainly wasn’t two out of that frantic five.

After 15 years, my attorney boss gave me my two weeks’ notice just before Thanksgiving (Thank you!) due to health and financial reasons. With the bounty from Unemployment (not even half of my salary), I’m packing up my life and moving across the state to live with my recently widowed sister who is opening her door to me, my son, two cats and office. I plan to be settled in time to set up my Christmas tree.

The last time I moved after a divorce was 10 years ago (and frankly, that was a much happier circumstance). I’d forgotten what a nightmare of organization goes into pulling up stakes. Throw in job searches . . . No wonder I’m down to five hours of sleep, if that. Too bad stress doesn’t deal similarly with my weight.

But amazingly, my WIP is still flowing, giving me a support line I didn’t expect, an escape into normality in the midst of chaos. Another life ring is my circle of writer friends both online and in my home state of Michigan where the move will keep me within the embrace of my critique group and Mid-Michigan RWA chapter. Things to be thankful for!!

Here’s looking forward to a brand new 2016 in every sense of the word with a new window on the world.

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Let’s rock the neurotic writing world!

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