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Sunday, October 16, 2016

WeWriWa: Ready, Set, Almost Ready to Go Live

Though I was hoping for a book launch tomorrow . . . it looks like the date will be October 24. Had no time to get any kind of promotion put in place, but refuse to delay with a push back into another month. Soooo, it looks like PRINCE OF HONOR is visiting in excerpt form only. Here’s a new tease to tempt you.

Could the bargain made to save their lives become reality?

Turow . . .

Strong, silent man of integrity content to serve his new king as a prince in the turbulent shape-shifter House of Terriot. A tracker and relentless hunter, he’s used to running trails alone until charged with returning a traitor to their mountain top home to face the unforgiving judgment of their clan. Isolated with the bad girl he’s loved forever, the choice between duty and desire has never been more difficult . . . or deadly.

Sylvia . . .

Manipulative schemer or victim caught between a mother’s ambition and a rogue prince’s lust for power? Trust is almost as foreign as the idea of love, but to save herself from certain death, she must risk both on the good man who deserves them . . . from someone worthy. Trapped by the only one who believes in her goodness, she must betray him and run for her life . . . or stay and destroy him with a long hidden truth.

Deadly, Damaged, and Delicious!
House of Terriot
Brothers too H.o.T. to Handle!

They stood toe to toe, studying one another in the rare, defenseless moment. Turow touched fingertips to her jaw, stroking gently before leaning down to lightly claim her chilled lips. They warmed quickly under such tender attention, his movements slow and infinitely gentle. 

“Forgive me for earlier,” he murmured softly. 

She was about to ask for what when he straightened and that look seeped back into his eyes. That quiet, intense feeling that curled about her soul, stirring up feelings inside her that thrilled and terrified her. 



She refused to let it be love.

Thanks for humoring me last week. I need to apologize for using this forum to vet my back cover blurb instead of posting an excerpt, which is the focus of our blog. Weary brain and lack of time prevented me from realizing it was inappropriate until too late. I did get some great feedback, and I appreciate your tolerance.

A week from finishing PRINCE OF POWER, it just dawned that I’m about to start the whole process all over again . . . And I’ve been scraping ice off my car windows all week before leaving for work! The circle of writing life. Sometimes you just want to sleep in until spring.

Happy Autumn everyone and Happy Paragraphs! 

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  1. "She refused to let it be love."

    Famous last words!I wonder how that is going to work for her. There are other things worse ... addiction, but one ;-}

  2. A quiet, yet intense moment. Lovely!

  3. The heat is intense yet lovely. Good writing.

  4. Oh, that moment is so wonderful to see. Well done!

  5. "That quiet, intense feeling that curled about her soul" -- love that! I've always been impressed with your way with words.

  6. Holy hot cover, Nancy! Loved this excerpt, especially the final line! Best of luck with your release! :)

    1. Thanks, Julie! Wait until you see all four of them together! Whew!

  7. Good luck with telling herself it's not love LOL! Enjoyed the snippet :)

  8. A powerful and romantic snippet. Despite her protest, I suspect it will in the end be love. I hope the release goes well.

  9. We all know how effective her refusal will be. It makes for great internal conflict, though!

  10. I do believe that call that river de nile! LOL! Great snippet! Good luck with the launch!

  11. Oh, well, if she says it isn't love, of course it isn't! ;)

  12. But the guy on the cover lifting his shirt off is such a tease already! :( And her denial is just acting as proof. Congrats on your upcoming release!