Sunday, February 5, 2017

WeWriWa: Bromance is in the Air!

Since it’s February, I’m letting my thoughts turn to Bromance with my latest snip from PRINCE OF POWER, Book 2 in my “House of Terriot” shape-shifter series NOW up for pre-order. One of the best thing about writing these books with their manly men (or beasts, if you prefer) is crafting the interactions between them be they brawling fight scenes, testy testosterone confrontations or just the quiet power of moments like this one between my snarlingly macho hero and his very human brother-in-law:

Colin glanced over, catching something in the detective’s expression that usually he’d let it go as none of his concern, but Babineau was under his family umbrella now. 

Defensiveness made a wall between them as the detective hedged, “What do you mean?” 

“You tell me . . . or don’t,” Colin amended with a shrug as he put the car in gear and eased carefully out of the crowded lot, then added softly, “You know we can read minds.” He heard Babineau’s quick intake of breath and held to his smile. 

“You’re lying.” 

He slid a glance over and teased, “Maybe.” 

Alain let his tension go on a quiet laugh directed at himself and admitted, “When I started the job, I told you I had this Save the World ideal that lasted long enough for me to think I could save someone who worked there from that life,” he put up a hand and quickly vowed, “but that was long before I met your sister.” 

“If you’re thinking along those lines again, I’d have to kill you just for thinking it.” 

“Nothing like that . . . just been thinking about that girl lately and don’t know why, but the past has a funny way of playing tricks, making you remember mistakes when it’s too late to do anything about them.” 

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Ahhh, the start of something bromancy! And, since I’m too lazy to let my words just factor into the scene of the moment, it’s planting seeds that will bloom in the next book, PRINCE OF FOOLS, now taking shape on my laptop. Here’s another look at Colin, prince in the House of Terriot . . .

Obsessed with an enemy - the only female to ever walk away from him . . .

Colin . . . Prince in the House of Terriot

Brawny, cynical negotiator for his clan, Colin Terriot sees a move to New Orleans as an escape from a painful past and his reputation as a legendary lover. What he didn't expect was to fall hard for a rival spy, the female who tricked and betrayed him by leaving his bed for his brother's. Now, he now must work with her, up close and personal, as the envoy for her clan. Things are about to heat up.

Determined to have him - even if having him means losing all . . .

Mia . . . Strong-willed Guedry heir

Denied her rightful legacy, Mia Guedry plans to stake her claim over the bodies of those who killed her family. But best laid plans fall before her desire for the one male she can't resist, the one who will never trust her once burned by her necessary deceptions. Saving her Terriot prince from plans already in motion may cost more than her inheritance . . . the price could be her life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To set that preorder mood, I’m hosting a “Get It While It’s H.O.T.!” (heeheehee!) blog hop to promote PRINCE OF HONOR. Book 1 in the series will be ON SALE for ONLY $.99! during the course of the tour from Feb. 19th to 25th. A great chance to grab it and eat it up before PRINCE OF POWER bursts on the scene on Feb. 27th! The Tour is shaping up and taking hosts to feature PRINCE OF HONOR as a spotlight only post and chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Sign up to give it a home and the series a boost!

Happy Weekend, fellow Warriors!!

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  1. Interesting dialogue. I like the idea of a 'save the world ideal'. I've known people who are like that.

  2. Love, love, love this one...the most so far!

  3. I love how Colin tries to get under his skin in a playful way. Fun snippet! :)

  4. Intriguing snippet, Nancy. Neat dialogue, with enough unsaid. Nicely done.

  5. Interesting -you've left us hanging - and wanting more :-)

  6. I just bet he has no idea. :-) That dialogue is so incredibly fluid, Nancy. Nothing forced, nothing to slow the reader. I think they are developing good chemistry in this 'bromantic' scene. lol

  7. Interesting discussion they're having. I enjoyed the conversation, can definitely see where it would be planting seeds for future plots!

  8. I love your characters, even though the series is completely new to me. And great dialogue. If I had a second lifetime I might get to read all the wonderful books that pass my way, but... Great snippet!

  9. Love the undertones in the dialogue. I am crazy about buddy movies (books, too). There's something special about a bromance. :)

  10. Hmm. Bromance = friendship between men. Interesting snippet. Best to you.

  11. Interesting banter and great chemistry. I do love bromances. :)

  12. I think I do. Great interplay, easy to see how it develops into something more.

  13. Ooh, I love bromances and the way this one is shaping up.

  14. I think you save the world one person at a time. Nothing wrong with having ideals. :)
    Love the teasing about being a mind reader!

  15. Interesting relationship between them.

  16. Bromances! Woo! :D Great dialogue and characters, as always!

  17. I love their strong sense of family, even though they seem to be vying for dominance in it. But I do see a budding bromance in this scene!