Sunday, April 16, 2017

WeWriWa: Steamy Windows

If the cover isn't enough to give it away, Colin Terriot, my PRINCE OF POWER, is hot stuff, and his attraction to Mia Guedry, the frustrating negotiator for a rival clan, has been on a slow, steady burn since Book 1 of my "House of Terriot" series (the an acronym being H.o.T., which believe it or not, wasn't planned!). Keeping the fire stoked for 460-some pages was a challenge they were more than ready to rise to, even when other obstacles (including a love triangle that continues to cause friction in Book 3) got in the way, right down to the final pages that end up where many a relationship begins . . . in the back seat. (Edited for 8-10 line limits).

Add a little Tina just to set the mood and enjoy!

He’d dreamed of doing Mia Guedry in the backseat of the T-bird since the moment he caressed that sleek red leather interior with his gaze, but now that he had her straddling his lap, her lips soft and expressive upon his own, a quick rush to the finish was the last thing on his mind. 

His hands kneaded her rear, finding the firm curves irresistible, just like the bountiful spill over the top of her bra that he adored with the stroke of his tongue. The low purr of her contentment was as sexy as the T-bird's well-tuned carburetor. 

He'd left the radio on and began singing along with Steve Miller's “New Kind of Love,” taking the words about being ready to settle down to heart as he crooned, "So c'mon pretty baby, we're gonna raise a family." 

"We still have to figure out how to build a strong platform our clans can trust and get behind." As her fingers worked their way down the buttons of his shirt, she lifted so he could skim the snug denim down her legs and warm her bare skin with the chafe of his palms. 

"I've got an idea about that." 

"What is it?" 

"I've got other ideas I need to express first." When she rocked her hips, he gave that sassy grin and promised, "This is just the first of many."

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  1. How can she talk business at a moment like this? Glad he's staying on topic at least. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Charmaine. It's all about taking care of business!!

  3. Oh so hot...I wonder how long they can keep having the conversation, as 'busy' as they both are LOL. Really enjoyed the excerpt!

    1. I think they've gotten to the action speaks louder than words part . . .

  4. Business and pleasure all rolled into one. Very sexy! :)

  5. Great - sexy excerpt this week. Tweeted.

    1. Thanks, Daryl (and thanks again for Tweeting!)

  6. They're planning their future while steaming up the windows. Quite a relationship!

  7. The classic Thunderbird is my absolute favorite car. SEXY and you use it to full advantage in this scene, Nancy! Great snippet!

  8. Nice, sexy excerpt. Classy car too.

  9. Tantalizing. Love the imagery of the car, the touching, and their teasing banter. Very hot.

  10. "We still have to figure out how to build a strong platform our clans can trust and get behind." Oh, baby, I love it when you talk dirty.

  11. This highly evocative snippet gives new meaning to the phrase 'sex in the back seat.'

  12. Wow. This snippet is H.O.T. and I don't mean the name of the series. My fav car. The closest I ever got was a red Cougar.

  13. Hot little scene. Does it get hotter?

  14. Hahaha I feel like their conversation is going to get totally off track soon.