Sunday, November 19, 2017

WeWriWa: A Tease and a Tour

Nothing breaks the grey, grim mood of approaching winter like a surprising ray of sunshine. After weeks of sharing dark, moody, broody passages from my latest release PRINCE OF FOOLS, I thought we needed a little fun . . . that hopeful shot of Vitamin D therapy to lift the spirits of both my heroine and my readers. In this scene that will carry into December, Rico has provided an anxious Amber and her pre-teen daughter with overnight sanctuary from their fears (maybe imagined but probably very real!) in his luxury apartment. This is the next morning . . .

The intimacy of sharing space while scrubbing and spitting had Amber trembling to her toes. It seemed like forever ago when they’d shared that big bed alone and she’d looked forward this private, awkward, exciting morning-after-a-night-of-great-sex that never happened, but somehow, this was more personal, more emotionally intense because instead of an uncertain teetertotter of just the two of them, they were becoming that stable triangle of three, a wonderful and truly terrifying possibility resting on one tentative point.


Could she trust him with the truth, with her past, with her fears; with her child and their future; and, beyond that, would he still want her once she revealed all?

Their gazes met in the mirror. 

Her confusion must have shown because Rico paused mid-swish to ask, "You okay?"

Amber shook off her uncertainty to smile and reply, "I was just thinking this is the first time I've ever shared a bathroom sink with a man."

His brows lifted with a surprise that prompted him to vow, “I'm really very tidy . . . just in case you were thinking of making it a habit."

She laughed to scatter her nervousness and claimed, "There's hardly room at mine for me, let alone company."

Lids lowered speculatively over those warm, tawny eyes as he suggested, "Maybe you've just outgrown where you're living, and it's time to think about upgrading."

I don’t see a downside to this request but then I’m not walking in my heroine’s uncomfortable shoes. How do you think she’ll react?

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  1. Oh, Amber, stop the angsting and just move in with him already! :-)

  2. Exceptional snippet. I can feel the love.

  3. A very different snippet, but I loved the down to earth realness of the moment! Terrific excerpt to give us this time :)

    1. Thank you, Jean. Time for a change up (for them, too!).

  4. Very nice. She's starting to loosen up and beginning to trust him. A little.

  5. I love this snippet! Can't wait to see where their romance goes!

    1. Thanks Amy. It won't go very far with the kid in the next room!

  6. It seems he's trying to calm some of her fears.

  7. Yes, forget about death and mayhem- bathroom habits are the biggest test of a relationship! But seriously, great, intimate moment.

    1. Hey, that leaving the seat up is a deal breaker!!

  8. Dayyyum, is there room for me there, too? lol. Love this scene, love that this is a first for her, and you write the nervousness and the hope so very well.

    1. Thank you, Julie. A small scene that's a tremendous catalyst.

  9. Oh, he seems so very sweet in this snippet! Fabulous! :)

    1. Thanks, Jessica! He is sweet, surprisingly so for a warrior.

  10. A really great intimate moment. I could actually visualize the two of them sharing that bathroom sink. As to how she'll react to his question? I'm kinda split on this.

    1. I love quiet scenes and all they reveal. We'll soon see what she thinks.

  11. He seems sweet, and I love the hope she's feeling.

  12. I don't see a downside to that suggestion either. :) Great snippet.

  13. I don't see a downside, but if she's skittish, even something that she wants may have the opposite effect. Can't wait to find out!

  14. All behind on my commenting as always, but hopefully will be able to respond to most if not all. Hm, I can see how she can be a bit taken aback and in two minds, but he does seem really nice - and she's obviously smitten. Great snippet and really brings out her uncertainty and nervous anticipation.

  15. Sigh....I love this snippet, and Rico's suggestion!