Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It’s Haunted Halloween Spooktacular Time!

Is that Pumpkin Spice I smell? Is the morning commute just a little bit nippier? Does that rustle of leaves warn of spooky times right around the corner? IT’S BAAAAACK! Bewitching Blog Tour’s Haunted Halloween Spooktacular is counting down to my favorite holiday with fun posts and great prizes and frightfully good reads!! Hop aboard my crazy train tour with destination October 31 . . . with an important stop for a new release on October 2!!

What’s Halloween without monsters? It’s a season made for paranormal rule. And my favorite – werewolves and shapeshifters!

Media treatment has changed since those first righteous villagers with torches. From “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” to Michael J. Fox in “Teen Wolf,” came a new shift to acceptance of that ‘different’ monster as still a man, or in this case, a swoon-worthy hot teen. Then, with “American Werewolf in London” we got not only horribly (cool!) realistic transformations but something even better – sly humor and a reluctant monster we rooted for even when he got his just desserts!

Romance took longer to give the brutish werewolf a break than it did the elegant vampire. Vampires were intelligent and beautiful if deadly, werewolves brutal and filled with snarling, uncontrolled rage. I started out with vampires in my “Touched by Midnight” series, loving the sleek, seductive otherworldliness of them. But then came Max Savoie, the dark, tortured Shifter antihero of my “By Moonlight” books, who didn’t know what he was or that there were others like him. Cool, smart, magnificent and HOT in the eyes of my NOPD heroine, readers watched him evolve from the shadows to a figure of power and influence. As those books branched off into my current “House of Terriot” series, the shapeshifter legacy transformed into warring clans and star-crossed couples, of which PRINCE OF DREAMS (now available for preorder!) is the final before a triumphant return to Max in 2019. 


Kip . . . Prince in the shapeshifter House of Terriot

He'd said he wasn't a mobster. . . She should have asked if he was a monster.

Who was this too good to be true, always ready in a crisis guy working a menial job for her father? Ophelia knew things. Something was not quite normal about the Kip Terriot hiding behind another name in lace-up dress shoes and a preppy wardrobe – something wild and exciting as all hell. A dangerous something calling to that restless difference in her own soul.

Ophelia . . . daughter of his enemy, girl of his dreams

So sassy, so sweet so perfect . . . and what he had to do would destroy her.

Kip was in New Orleans to save his clan and his kind, not to play white knight for Ophelia Brady with her quirky habits, curvy body and tormented past. His deception would rip the heart from her world, not help heal it. Was his family’s nemesis using his own daughter to make Kip the played instead of the player, pulling him between love and duty to make an impossible choice?

“Emotionally captivating! A brilliant conclusion to a unique series!” – Book Bling

In the paranormal romance world, heroic qualities change the monster into a male worthy of admiration . . . and love. As my tag line goes: “Deadly, dangerous and delicious!” Nothing is more romantic than the beauty who tames her beast! 

What’s Halloween-time without goodies?? Check out all these fab prizes available as my author friends and I celebrate the season with Spooktacular hops!

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I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate to a lucky ‘traveler’ picked at random. Follow my Hop from stop-to-stop for more chances to win! You can find the schedule here. 

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Sink your teeth into a paranormal read – no calories, great cardio!


  1. I always enjoy your Halloween Spooktacular events. This year you're leading up to great book. I have enjoyed your snippets on Weekend Writing Warriors blog. Can't wait to read the finished version.

    1. Thanks, Di!! Gotta get into the mood for my favorite time of year!!