Sunday, November 25, 2018

WeWriWa: Under Your Scars

Sometimes all the things we hide from ourselves and others are the same imperfections that link us to someone else when they’re shared . . . if we can find the courage to take that step.

Kip Terriot, the hero in my recent release PRINCE OF DREAMS, has been bemoaning all the star-crossed reasons Ophelia Brady is wrong for him. Time to hear Phe’s side of things in this week’s excerpt . . .

He didn’t trust her or believe in her, in what she said or how she felt. Apparently, her actions hadn’t voiced it clearly enough. If the fact she’d turned away from her family to aide his wasn’t proof of her intentions, she had no idea how to convince him, leaving her no recourse except walking away . . . if he’d let her after what she’d seen, what she knew. These were desperate, dangerous people - not even people, from what she’d learned in the past 24-hours, but then, she’d started to discover, neither was she. What else could she give to prove that she was all in as far as he was concerned? 

Bottom line, she loved Kip Terriot for reasons that formed an impressive, undeniable list: His goodness, his devotion to family, his compassion for others, his courage and intelligence, his humor, not to mention that tight butt . . . but mostly because of the way he’d accepted her, making her prince the whole damned near close-to-perfect package.

Until now, with hurt and exhaustion pushing an unexpected wedge of uncertainty between them. She could ignore it, or she could confront it. Neither scenario promised a good outcome.

Or she could accept him, the way he’d made her accept herself, for all her flaws.

Can two wrongs fit together to make something very right? They can if those shared scars are seen for what they are, badges of strength and honor and not as weaknesses.

Follow Kip and Ophelia’s dangerous, romantic, sexy and seemingly impossible journey toward accepting what they must about each other and themselves to find happiness in PRINCE OF DREAMS from my “House of Terriot” and “By Moonlight” dark shapeshifter series.

For the next few months, I’ll be sharing excerpts from the books in my “By Moonlight” series while I do a refresher reread to prep for RISE BY MOONLIGHT, the final book in the series. Gotta get all those pesky timeline issues straight through the almost ten years and ten books (14 counting the HoT spin off series). Hope you’ll enjoy taking the journey with me.

While I finish off the leftovers from my Thanksgiving dinner, I’ll be feasting on the tidbits you’re sharing this weekend, fellow Warriors, as we go boldly into December!

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  1. Hmm, I wonder what she's discovered about herself. A great snippet that is very intriguing!

  2. I like her clear eyed self analysis...keeping my fingers crossed for this couple. Great snippet!

    1. The road may be rocky but the destination is in sight . . .

  3. A great moment of character development for her! Also, never discount the importance of a tight, sexy butt! ;)

  4. The barricade between them is growing. What will it take it to tear it down? Great snippet!

  5. I hope the two can work it out. Loved her inner thoughts - sexy butt and all. :)

  6. Good will-she / won't-she internal dialogue.

  7. I like this snippet. She's reasoning it out--and pushing away her uncertainty.


    Congrats on the release!

  8. I like her optimism--a good contrast to his negativism. Her hope may see simplistic, but he needs that hope. His whole family does. Great snippet.

  9. I love the look of your blog. It's inviting! Your writing is phenomenal. Thank you for sharing it. <3

  10. I hope it works out for them. In spite of being a crabby curmudgeon who silently gags whenever I see public displays of affection, there is an ember of romance somewhere in my cold, shriveled heart.

  11. Complex and so interesting. Way to go.