Sunday, September 6, 2020

WeWriWa: Dirty Deeds Done by Moonlight . . . RISE BY MOONLIGHT

I’m concluding my visits to the villains of my “By Moonlight” world with the two you love to hate. NOPD police commissioner Warren Brady was the iconic hero - a stoic widower who raised young twin daughters, espoused philanthropic endeavors,hosts a wall of commendations, and carries his city’s respect . . . until his dark underworld belly is exposed. A medal-tarnishing arrest is just the start of a plunging fall. Genevieve Savorie can no longer pretend to be anything but a power-hungry unnatural evil from the North. Using Brady as her hammer to conquer New Orleans and crush her nephew Max Savoie who is the supposed savior of its shapeshifter clan, she runs a tight ship and Brady finds himself in choppy waters when she surprises him with a visit.

“Hello, Warren.”

Startled by the familiar voice at his ear, Warren Brady’s distracted aim nearly ruined his expensive shoes. Genevieve Savorie was the last person he’d expect to encounter in the men’s room at the Old Absinthe House where he’d been absolving his guilt with a potent drip of 136-proof Pernod in a heavily shadowed corner of the 200-year-old bar.

Growling his displeasure, he pushed past her, heading to the sinks to wet paper towels for damage control. The sight of his daughter guarding the door didn’t lessen his annoyance . . . or his fear.

“This is a new low, even for you, Genevieve.”

“I recall we’ve met in less savory places than dark rooms on Bourbon Street.”

Her censure didn’t improve his mood. “Why are you here?”

“I want to know what possessed you to make such a colossal mess of all my hard work,” Genevieve purred, adding, “so please explain how being neck deep in a criminal investigation encourages my faith that you’ll be of any use at all.”

(and the rest of the scene . . . )

“They have nothing,” he snapped. “Just manufactured and illegally obtained evidence. I’ll be cleared of all charges.”

“That’s supposed to absolve my misgivings?”

He spun to glare at her. “What do you know about what goes on here in my city?”

“Why, Warren, I have eyes and ears everywhere.”

A chill rode through him, turning his response into an attack. “You think that priest is helping you?” His laugh provoked a tightening of her exquisite features. “He’s in their pocket, Genevieve. He has no loyalty to you or your plans.”

Her inhale held a poisonous hiss. “What’s between me and Michael isn’t your concern. His isn’t the face on every news channel with a caption of corruption beneath it!” A deflating sigh. “We had plans for you, Warren.”

Had. The connotation drained his arrogance.

An angry boss showing up without warning is never a good thing, especially when you’ve failed her miserably and have run out of excuses. How do you think this situation is going to be resolved? I wonder what kind of retirement plan she offers.

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I’m hoping to spend the rest of the long holiday weekend (wo)manning our new grill. Sending out a big “THANK YOU!” to all those workers who stepped up to keep our country running!

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday with friends and family either in person or virtually!

Happy loooong Weekend and Happy Writing!!

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  1. "Had plans" sounds very dangerous. Very final. I don't think this will turn out well for Warren. Great snippet!

    1. Yeah, I think he gets the idea that his clock is ticking down.

  2. Yeah, if you're ever spoken about in the past tense, you've got a world of hurt ahead of you--especially it seems from this woman. I wouldn't bet on Warren at the moment. Great snippet! Have a great time grilling, Nancy!

  3. "I have eyes and ears everywhere" - this guy is in trouble!

  4. It's nice that she laces her death threat with a helping of humiliation. Too bad I can't feel sorry for Warren!

    1. Normally, his ego could have handled it and given back change.

  5. I think he's been underestimating her and overestimating himself! Quite a tense and dramatic snippet today - I can hear the ominous music playing so to speak. Terrific!

  6. That past tense...

    I want to feel sorry for him. lol

    Happy Labor Day weekend!

  7. I think pee on his shoes might be the least of his troubles right now.

  8. I don't think I'd want to cross either of these people. They seem the sort who would eat those who irk them for a snack.
    Naughty Netherworld Press

  9. I love that she purred her implied threat.

  10. Intense scene! That 'had' is probably the most ominous thing said. I want to know more! Love the AC/DC song, too. :)

  11. There is usually no getting out of the past tense. Your fate is sealed by then.