May 2012

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Makes a Good Read?

Ever wonder what makes one book a Keeper and the other a DNF? Join me at Fresh Fiction and share your thoughts for a chance to win a copy of SEEKER OF SHADOWS as part of my Release Week blog tour. Make sure you check out the full review they did for SoS—it’s awesome!

What a great launch day yesterday! Reviews started popping up all over the place but the best news came right before I left for work in an e-mail from my editor: SEEKER OF SHADOWS has gone back to press for a second printing!! Woo Hoo! And this, on the first day it’s available.

I’d just come down from that great news on the way home when I fired up my home office laptop to see another even BETTER e-mail. My editor, the fabulous Micki Nuding LOVED my initial draft manuscript for BETRAYED BY SHADOWS ( the next book in the series coming out 12-18-12) so much we’re skipping right over the revision stage to go to copy edits . . . and better yet, I get paid! Anyone who lives on those sporadic writer’s checks can understand my excitement.

And then . . . e-mail this morning. Rush call for a title for my current obsessive Work in Progress. Book 8 is now officially PRINCE OF SHADOWS.

Sorry for the hyperventilation. Back to work!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


What a great way to start the morning with this review from my friends at Fresh Fiction:
“Truly fantastic. A steamy tale of intrigue, suspense, excitement and a sexy hero bound to his feisty and passionate true “mate.” Will keep you spellbound and on edge. Nancy Gideon has a unique talent for adding just the right amount of passionate sex with blood chilling paranormal intrigue.” Fresh Fiction
To help me celebrate, enjoy this exciting new SEEKER OF SHADOWS book trailer created in conjunction with my fab virtual assistant, My Girl Friday.

I’ll be partying at Pocket After Dark and with RomCon 

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where I'll be giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate! Check back throughout the week for links to fun and giveaways!
Laisse le bon temps roller!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Release Week on the Horizon!!

It seems like forever in the making but my handy countdown meter tells me we only have FIVE days until SEEKER OF SHADOWS hits the shelves. From now until then, I’m going to be busy putting my guest blogs together and gathering up some nifty prizes to giveaway in celebration of Book 6 in my “By Moonlight” series.

SEEKER has already been review-blessed:
“Rich and complex,” says Publishers Weekly. “Gideon delivers. Well-crafted prose and page-turning tension.”
“Delicious,” says Romantic Times Book Reviews. “Dark and seductive. Conflict keeps things exciting and plunging forward as the plot twists and turns.”
“A wonderful thriller,” says Genre Go Round. “Never slows down as the pair dance an intriguing tango.”
“Tantalizing. Emotional and romantic,” says Bookaholics. “Appearances by past characters keep this series together and evolving.”
My blog tour starts tomorrow at Romance Recipes, where I’ll be sharing a taste of New Orleans and a sampling of SEEKER OF SHADOWS.

Here’s a sneak peek at where you can find me starting on May 29, Release Day! Check on those days for direct links, topics and giveaways:

Tuesday: Pocket After Dark and RomCon Romance Blog
Wednesday: Fresh Fiction
Thursday: Novelists Inc and Coffee Time Romance
Friday: Night Owl Reviews
Saturday: Qwillery interview
Sunday: Literary Addiction/Book Monster reviews interview and chat
Monday: Author Sound Relations/Totes and Blogs

June 26: Castles & Guns

If you’d like to jump on board my blog tour calendar for a guest post, interview or review, contact me and we’ll make it a date!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When the Voices in Your Head Won’t Stop Talking . . .

I’m really busy right now. I’ve got a new release coming up on May 29 (SEEKER OF SHADOWS, book 6 in my By Moonlight series) and am waiting for revisions on the next book of the series (BETRAYED BY SHADOWS, 12/18/12). I’ve got guest blog posts up the wazoo to write, an apartment to Spring clean (before its Fall!), website to update, book trailer to put together, excerpts to cull, newsletter to e-mail, and have a regimented plan to deal with all those tasks on my calendar. Thumbs up. Ahead of the game . . . until the whispers start.
Whispers from a new project . . . from the hero and heroine of Book 8.

I’ll just jot down a few notes before I forget, I tell myself last weekend. Then I’ll get cracking on my PR campaign duties. A twelve page synopsis later . . .

Last Monday, I’ve got my headphones on at work doing dictation for an SSDI case, typing along, tripping over my dyslexic acrylic nails that need a trimming (note to self: make an appointment). I’m digging on myofacial pain syndrome, reflex sympathetic dystrophy and supraspinatus tendinosis (and can spell all those words) when my mind’s eye begins to spool out a different picture (right in the middle of discussions on irritable bowel syndrome, no less!)

A gentle lady held hostage in a deadly struggle for power, Kendra Terriot’s only means of survival for herself and her family is to play a careful courtship game. The one she chooses from the dangerous Terriot heirs will rule, but the one she longs to have rescue her belongs to another.

As the favored son of their merciless clan leader, the only calm in Cale Terriot’s necessarily violent life is his baffling infatuation with his delicate distant cousin. With Kendra at his side, he knows he can become the kind of ruler his family needs, but first he must learn how to become the kind of man she desires.

In a treacherous race for the coveted crown, where weakness means death, can Cale prove he’s not the beast his beauty fears and still protect her, especially once her chosen love returns to free her? The only way to win her respect could mean surrendering his throne. The only way to win her heart could mean letting her go.

Okay, okay. This urgent IBS isn’t going to sit back and wait while I develop a scene for my other job . . . that’s why I have a lunch hour. I’ll just write down a few lines so I’ll remember where the scene was going. Six pages later . . .

I’ve probably mentioned I’m ADD with OCD rising. When I focus on something, I’m like a thoroughbred on the backstretch heading for the finish line under the whip with blinders on (or maybe one of those mules with the funny hats pulling tourists around the French Quarter). Nothing stops me or gets in my way. I can’t see anything else even as I’m stepping over it. Whatchu gonna do?

15,000 words later . . .

Inspiration doesn’t check your calendar. When it knocks, you answer. When those voices speak (unless they’re saying, “Kill them all!”), you listen.

Now, about those blog posts . . . That’s why I have lunch hours.

I haven’t been totally irresponsible in starting my PR blitzkrieg. Join me for The Book Demolition Derby!!! Scavenger Hunt! May 5-May 20th 2012. Free books from over twenty authors (including SEEKER OF SHADOWS!) and all you have to do is have fun.

For you Goodreads members, Pocket has got a book giveaway going for SEEKER OF SHADOWS from now through May 26!! Zip over to enter. Book Giveaway For Seeker of Shadows (Moonlight, #6)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Choose . . . Wisely!

I came home from work to find three fat envelopes from Kensington had come in the mail. Woo Hoo! I got my rights back to my Dana Ransom backlist! (Still waiting on the Lauren Giddings and Nancy Gideon titles . . .)

For those who may not be old enough remember, I got my start as a published author writing historical romance, specializing in fast-paced, gritty Westerns that earned me a “Career Achievement in Historical Adventure” award from Romantic Times Magazine. (Follow the link on the Historicals page for a peek at my Romances With a Past). These are books that have been out of print for a more than a decade containing two series (Dakota and Texas/Bass family) that have readers still writing, wanting MORE!

So, now that I have the rights, what do I DO with them?

Choices . . .

Authors have never had as many choices as they do now. In years past, writers weren’t that diligent about getting their rights back (or in protecting them) because there weren’t many options available for books that had already had a shelf life. Now . . . the sky’s the limit.

Do I self-publish? Do I re-package? Do I re-tailor ‘80s prose to fit a 2012 readership? Do I go through my agent or sell them on my own (the way I did the first six originally)? Do I check out small presses, e-publishers, foreign markets?

Before I pick any one or combination listed above, the first thing I’ll do is my homework. This is why I belong to fabulous and informative organizations like RWA and Novelists Inc. This is why I’m on loops populated by peers who have already considered said choices. Because putting up a back list is more than putting it out there. There are other things to consider. Contractual things with my current publisher. Time constraints with my current deadline and 9-to-5. Educational retraining that comes with looking outside the Big Six market. So that like Indiana Jones, when the time comes . . . I’ll choose wisely.

Be watching for the return of the Dana Ransom historical (and possible original continuations) . . .

I’m also talking about choices and accountability on my Weighty Issues blog. Click here to sink your teeth in.